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Cleavage Row: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif Back Deepika Padukone

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bang-bangBollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, stars of the upcoming movie Bang Bang, backed actress Deepika Padukone on the ‘cleavage row’ stating that what happened with Deepika was “wrong” and “avoidable.”

Katrina said, “I do think that anything trying to exploit or make a spectacle of something is avoidable. Many times a girl may get up to go somewhere and a photographer, who is standing at a lower level than you, may click a moment and if your shorts are visible, they circle that. It happened to me during the time of Dhoom: 3. There are some photographers who actually point out to you when your dress has been pulled a bit too high and that is really nice.”

Hrithik’s take on the matter was, “It’s wrong to intrude on someone’s personal space like this and it’s about time that people take that responsibilty as consumers themselves. It’s hardly going to give any thing back to you, there is so much else to focus on.”

An upbeat Katrina and Hrithik seemed quite confident of their film’s success, and said they were relaxed after the phenomenal response to the film’s trailer. The actors lost no opportunity to tease each other on the show – with Katrina saying that she wasn’t at all excited about Hrithik’s Bang Bang dare for her. The actress also refused to respond on her statement in an interview that Ranbir Kapoor was her soulmate.”I was not trying to make any statement nor would I like to do that. We were just speaking about Ranbir as a person and the years that I have known him,” she stated.

On her women admirers and Sonam’s “girl crush”, the modest Katrina remarked that Sonam was probably just trying to be sweet to her after her compliment for her fashion choices, revealing that the two shared a “mutual admiration society.”

On the common trait between Hrithik and herself, Katrina said in one word – it was ‘intelligence’. “I deliberately undermine myself to make Hrithik feel good about himself,” said the actress pulling Hrithik’s leg, adding that “A lot of Hrithik’s philosophies on life are amazing and some of them have been very helpful, but I don’t agree with all of them.”

Hrithik retaliated by saying that her “hard disc” didn’t have enough space to accomodate all of them. “Katrina is a really intelligent person. So intelligent that she can think of 15 different things at the same time and that’s how she keeps you trying to figure out where she is, she’ll stimulate your mind by asking you a good question and by the time you come with the answer, she’s left the building. She is exceptionally good at mukti-tasking,” he mockingly said.

“I can’t help it if my mind is so sharp,” retorted Katrina.

The modest Hrithik also revealed that Katrina was a better dancer than him, a statement which Katrina disputed stating that she thought at one point that she indeed was a better dancer until she shot the Bang Bang title track for the final time. “At this point of time I’m willing to accept that Hrithik is a better dancer than me, but I’m not willing to accept that permanently.”

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