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Congress directs frontal organisations to publicise five poll guarantees for youth

Ahead of the ensuing Lok Sabha elections, Congress gave assurance regarding the grand old party's commitment to offer employment opportunities to the youth of the country and announced a five-guarantees for a new 'Rozgar Revolution.'

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Ahead of the ensuing Lok Sabha elections, Congress has directed states governed by the party and party front al organisations to ensure dissemination of the party’s five-guarantees for a new ‘Rozgar Revolution.’ The Congress directed state leaders to publicize the Youth guarantee scheme launched by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday.

Congress guarantees an annual job package of Rs 1 lakh for diploma holders up to the age of 25, a commitment to enact stringent laws to get rid of paper leaks, the establishment of social security measures in the gig economy, the fulfilment of 30 lakh government job vacancies, and the initiation of ‘Yuva Roshni’ aimed at fostering startups among individuals below 40 years of age. The first point included ‘Bharti Bharosa’ or recruitment trust by the Congress party wherein the party guaranteed recruitment to the youth and asserted that all the 30 lakh vacancies in the Central Government would be filled.

“Congress guarantees that it will create 30 lakh jobs in the Central Government, according to a published jobs calendar. There are 10 lakh sanctioned posts that are vacant in Central Ministries/Departments. We will also create new jobs, our party manifesto will outline the details,” the All India Congress Committee stated on Thursday. The second guarantee said that the ‘Pehli naukri pakki’ (1st job guaranteed) would be confirmed and that the grand old party would provide apprenticeship training to every Diploma or Degree holder youth below 25 years of age in the government or private sector.

The release read, “Congress guarantees a new Right to Apprenticeship Act to provide a one-year apprenticeship with a private or a public sector company to every diploma holder or college graduate below the age of 25. Apprentices will get 1 lakh a year (Rs 8,500/month).” It further mentioned ‘Paper leak se mukti’ (Freedom from paper leak) and said that the party would put an end to the paper leaks by bringing a new law.

“Congress guarantees new laws to ensure the highest standards of integrity and fairness in the conduct of public examinations that will prevent paper leaks from destroying the future of crores of youth,” it added. The fourth guarantee stated financial assistance under ‘Yuva Roshni’ and stated that a fund would be created with an amount of Rs 5 thousand crore which will be distributed in all the districts of the country.

“Congress will create a Rs. 5,000 crore corpus, with allotments spread across all districts of the country for a period of five years. Youth below the age of 40 years can avail start-up funding for their business enterprises in any sector,” it stated. The fifth guarantee said that Congress would offer social security in the gig economy for the welfare of the people.

“The Congress guarantees to bring legislation to ensure better working conditions and social security for lakhs and lakhs of youth who seek employment every year in the gig economy. Gig workers earn less than other workers according to NCAER data and their incomes fell between 2019 and 2022. Congress passed the Rajasthan Platform-Based Gig Workers Act in 2023. In Karnataka, we offer 2 lakh life insurance and Rs 2 lakh accident insurance. In Telangana, we have promised 25 lakh accident insurance and 10 lakh health insurance through the Rajiv Aarogyasri scheme,” it stated. Congress’s manifesto committee, led by former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram, on Wednesday, handed over a copy of the draft manifesto to party President Mallikarjun Kharge at his residence in Delhi.

The Lok Sabha polls are scheduled to be held in April-May this year.

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