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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
HomeNationCongress leader shares remarks on President Droupadi Murmu in a tweet

Congress leader shares remarks on President Droupadi Murmu in a tweet

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Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Udit Raj
Congress leader Dr Udit Raj | Image Twitter/@Dr_Uditraj

Congress leader Dr. Udit Raj expresses his opinion towards President Droupadi Murmu and there some hate remarks given to the president on Thursday via social media on a tweet after which he also shared another tweet on social media which stated that it should not be related to the President post or Droupadi Murmu

The leader shared in a tweet stating “ President Droupadi Murmu she has contested for the election and also got votes and support from tribal people through which she the post of President  but now she has forgotten the role and not helping the tribal people”

Dr. Udit Raj congress leader also shared a video clarifying his opinion about the questions posed to President Droupadi Murmu and shared a tweet on social media.

After some hours leader, Lalit also shared another tweet which said “ If I or any other like Tiwari, Agarwal or Goyal seeks information then this does not mean it is defaming the post and when they are in the post of the president they forget to help the other people”.

We respect Droupadi Murmu and the post of the president we are only asking questions related to the issues and problems faced by the SC and ST castes and other tribal castes.

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