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Congress’ Rahul Gandhi releases white paper on Centre’s COVID management

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday released a “white paper” by the party on the Centre’s Covid management and urged the government to prepare for the third wave of coronavirus.

Releasing the “white paper”, the former Congress chief said it is clear that the management of the first and second wave of COVID-19 was “disastrous”.

“There were certain reasons as to why it was disastrous, we’ve tried to point out those reasons in our white paper. This is a blueprint about how to react to the third wave which is going to come,” he said.

“It is our intention to provide the government with information and insights into what went wrong,” Gandhi said.

The aim of this white paper is not finger-pointing at the government but to help the nation prepare for the third wave of infection, he said.

Asserting that the central pillar to fight Covid is vaccination, Gandhi said it is important that “we cross bridge of 100 per cent vaccination as soon as possible”.

He also urged the government to treat all states equally for COVID-19 vaccinations, asserting that there should be no bias and they should not be viewed as BJP or opposition states.


  1. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have come across only scams during the earlier regime and now they are trying to provide a verdict in the name of a white paper. What a sorry state?

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