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Congress shows alarming ‘lack of skill’ in Telangana issue

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L Rajagopal, a Seemandhara MP, finely tuned the drama by spraying pepper spray in the air after being stopped from rushing to the Speaker’s chair. The pepper spray left several parliamentarians, staff and journalists coughing and teary-eyed. Many MPs tried to rush outside to avoid the smell and chemical effects of the spray. TDP MP Venugopal Reddy broke the Speaker’s microphone, while TV reports also claimed he brandished a knife during House proceedings. The lawmaker, however, denied the allegation saying he was merely waving the Speaker’s mic.

Hyderabad has always a dream city for Andhra Pradesh’s people. Poor public of Seemandhra area had always migrated to Hyderabad for better lifestyle and livelihood. Whenever problem arises due to issues of partition, no one wants to give Hyderabad to other parts of the state from their region. This city has always remained as source of earning for an average Andhraities. Andhra’s residents’ minds are ever changing, sometime they support separate Telangana and sometimes they want United Andhra. They are not firm on their decision. On the other hand, Telangana people always wanted a state of their own. So, separation is better and simultaneous development of any region and focusing on that line is the best solution instead of fighting every day.

Several politicians run their livelihood over separate Telangana issue. However, they had changed their stand when they saw the separate statehood granted to Telangana is reaching to reality which is genuine demand of the four crore people of the region. In 1973, they wanted a separate state because Supreme Court said that Mulki rules would be applicable to the people who live in Telangana. Several Seemandhra students and people died in that agitation. Indira Gandhi suppressed the problem by offering 6 point formula. Inspite of all the problems, later on corrupt and selfish Andhra politicians continued to ignore the development of Rayalaseema and cities in Andhra like Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. Instead, they pumped money into Hyderabad and thereby increased the public’s lure to move to Hyderabad rather than other cities in Seemandhra area. Actually, everybody knows that Hyderabad is far away from the Andhra area. Inspite of this, politicians encouraged Hyderabad to grow faster than Seemandhra cities.

The demand for Telangana state today is loud and clear across the social, economic and political spectrum and it is a demand based not only on numerous instances of discrimination and lack of development, but also as much about the self-respect and dignity of 40 million people of that region. The Telangana people will not be happy! It is the politicians from the Telangana regions who will be benefitted by this separation. They will not share their loot with other region politicians. They will get whole share of the loot. No new state is being formed from nowhere. It is by partitioning the existing state and there will be lot of invisible bloodshed when that state is cut. From the very next day, the very same people will be fighting for river waters followed by blockades and all! Why is it so difficult to treat the Telugu people as one? From more than 50 years, the state was called as Andhra Pradesh. Let it now be called as Telangana! All people of the state will become Telanganites! The Telangana people cannot be happy with this?

Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde had recently met President Pranab Mukherjee and Vice President Hamid Ansari to appraise them on the Telangana Bill. And these unruly parliamentarians and the President of India on their instance call Arvind Kejriwal to be an anarchist. Shame on such lawmakers and to those who are undermining each and every act of reform Kejriwal has performed in the recent past. Government can create as many states as they want. If Telangana creation is successful then think about the future. The same episode can be repeated by every government before elections for other parts of India creating chaos every time. Telangana is not peoples demand. Its demand imprinted in the minds of people by powerless people who wants power. Suppose, if Mumbai and surrounding areas wants a separate state in the name of sentiments depriving the rights of other parts of Maharashtra, politicians will inject that ideas in peoples’ mind same thing. Same happened with Andhra’s people. Congress politicians from Seemandhra are upping the game to retain their popularity and get back to people to get re-elected.

Telangana statehood issue first came in front of the government in 1960s. Congress has taken a decision to declare Telangana as state but I think it will take some more time to officially get a separate identity. Since 1960s, many youth had lost their lives and the matter lingers in political corridors. Separate Telangana violence is one of the biggest violent moments in the entire history. The current government is riding a blind horse for the votebank and will create long term problems for the country’s unity and integrity. The UPA Government and its High Command, BJP and several other national parties are supporting the idea of separate Telangana. To my surprise, even BJP is also supporting this. Here question arises that, by separating Telangana, will they restore the parliamentary seats in both states as per 1956 status? Post 1956, some parliamentary seats of Telangana were increased at the expense of Coastal Andhra. All over India, number of parliamentary seats remained constant in all states. Restoring 1956 situation means restoring parliamentary seats as per 1956 status. Will the borders of 1956 be restored? Bhadrachalam, Chintur and other areas were part of the Coastal Andhra before 1956. It was subsequently transferred to Khammam district of Telangana. Do these entities have an action plan to create infrastructure of the truncated or just orphaned state of Andhra Pradesh?

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