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Dabholkar was a soft target: Anti-superstition activist

Anti-superstition activist Shyam Manav said that detractors attempted to end his life as well like rationalist Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, who spearheaded a movement against black magic practises and superstitions as he was a soft target.

Manav told reporters yesterday that he was assaulted in 2006 by a group of people during a meeting but was saved by fellow activists.

“Dabholkar was a soft target, hence they could kill him. Attempt was made to eliminate me as well in 2006. Fellow activists came for rescue and saved me,” Manav said, who is also a co-chairman of the Monitoring Committee set up by the state government to implement provisions of the Anti- Superstition and Black Magic Act, 2013 in the state.

On the ongoing investigation into the Dabholkar murder case, the activist alleged that the assailants might have used a certain technique in which no proof is left behind, making it difficult for the police to bring the accused to book.

He referred to a technique where the killer is sent into a state of deep trans where after he is not able to remember or recollect anything about the crime.

Police is making all efforts (in the investigation) but might take a lot of time to crack the case, he said.

Manav said many of his programmes, meetings were not allowed to be held and he often faced opposition from the administration and politicians but a lot of people are joining the cause and are becoming aware about the ills of superstitions and black magic practises.

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