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Dawood’s extradition, an election jumla

Opposition parties criticised the Modi government for its failure to bring back underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to India. According to them, Narendra Modi, while campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, had promised to bring back Dawood. Even though three years have passed but no headway has been made by the government in this regard. Thus, was the promise made Modi to extradite Dawood an election jumla to lure voters? Even the Congress party had reminded Modi about the promise made by him to bring Dawood Ibrahim into the country.

Modi had then also said that government should do more and speak less when it comes to nabbing terrorist like Dawood Ibrahim. Thus the Modi government is not serious about bringing back Dawood and only made false promises to voters. Ever since the Modi government has come to power, Dawood has already changed four residences. Since several layers of security have been provided to the don in Pakistan, it won’t be easy for the government to bring him back. Dawood has also stopped speaking to his relatives over phone to prevent the Indian security agencies to tap his call.

Bhaskar Jadhav, NCP MLA and former Minister for Labour & Special Assistance said, “Prior to the 2014 general election when Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made several promises we thought that god had sent a messiah to serve people. However, he has failed to fulfil promises made by him since last three years. Pakistan has been giving protection to Dawood but Modi only had biryani with former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. Modi is trying to cheat voters by announcing that the government will bring back Dawood. He has lost the confidence of people. In our country there is more politics instead of patriotism. Nobody except BJP will support Dawood. Just like the government had politicised surgical strikes in the same way they are trying to politicise Dawood’s extradition.”

Geeta Gawli, Akhil Bharatiya Sena corporator said, “We have heard about this issue several times but nobody will be able to bring back Dawood. Modi is only trying to bring this issue on the forefront with an eye on the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. BJP should first extradite Dawood only then they will win election.”

Arif Naseem Khan, Congress MLA and former Cabinet Minister of Textiles said, “Not only Dawood’s issue but the Modi government has failed to fulfil several other promises like controlling inflation, fuel prices and creating employment. RSS and BJP have been trying to mislead people by speaking lies.”

Manisha Choudhary, BJP MLA said, “If the government has managed to extradite Chhota Rajan then they can also bring back Dawood Ibrahim. Since Modi has developed good bilateral ties with foreign countries hence he will succeed in bringing back Dawood into India. Opposition parties are making irresponsible comments and they lack numbers.”

Jyoti Pappu Kalani, NCP MLA said, “Modi has made several promises like bringing back black money, eliminating poverty but failed to fulfil them. Even though three years have passed but the government has not kept its word.

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