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Debit and Credit card cloning is on rise

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On November 27, 22, in a span of three hours customers of a nationalised bank who had their accounts in the (West) branch were duped of a total of Rs 2.24 lakh by a fraudster who withdrew money from the ATM without them sharing any details. Two days later one more person, a senior administrative officer with BEST training school, was duped Rs 2.7 lakh in 29 fraudulent withdrawals between November 11 and November 22 but realised it later.

The police said all the fraudulent withdrawals were made between 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm. Cops suspect that the fraudster, using a skimming device attached to the ATM machine, captured the card details, made clones of the cards and withdrew the money. After the fraudulent transactions, the victim received a few text messages from the bank which went unnoticed as it was delayed due to a network issue. Similarly, another victim Mahadev Thavi (62), a carpenter, lost Rs 6,600. The victims are worried about their money.

In spite of this, the Bank has not received any complaints from either the customers or the branches. Even the police have not approached the bank for CCTV footage or customers’ account details. Bank said, “If such fraud has happened using the cloned card, it is unclear how the fraudster got hold of the pin. There have been similar cases in the past.”

In February 2018, at least 50 people have cheated of Rs 9.11 lakh in the case of card cloning. The police suspected the involvement of an inter-state gang who fitted skimming devices and cameras in an ATM of a private bank on Charni Road (West). In June 2013, cyber thieves stole bank data of several Mumbaikars by skimming an ATM at the state police headquarters. The ATM belonged to a private bank, which has the salary accounts of police personnel. The bank credited the stolen amounts back to the accounts.


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