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Doctors retrieve bullet stuck inside a woman’s neck for 10 days

In an incident that left everyone baffled and surprised, a woman survived after she was shot down by an eccentric man.

Purnima Devi, a 35-year-old fearless woman in Ranchi was shot at by a criminal on her neck, injuring her with a bullet. Even after losing a lot of blood, Purnima gathered her strength and reached home all by herself, with her infant baby in her arms.

Purnima was taken to the hospital by her neighbours as she fainted right after entering her door step. She was then referred to RIMS. Neuro surgeon Dr CB Sahay soon started to operate her but the bullet was removed 10 days after the incident occurred.

Doctors confirmed that her condition is now stable and she is out of danger. However, as a side effect to the injury, Purnima’s right ear has become less audible.

The incident occurred on July 15, when she was on her way to her home, bearing her 6-months-old child in her arms. Purnima was shot at by an unknown person on her neck, who ran off immediately.

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