Monday, November 29, 2021
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Eel fish found at Borivali

ell-fishA single live specimen of rare Eel fish was found inside a well near bungalow at Borivali (E). The well in which the fish was found was 50 years old.

Doctor Manish Pingle who informed about this species said, “A rare species of fish was found while cleaning the well. In the year 2002, the blind Eel was described by K.C Gopi in a book. Later, no evidence of this species was found anywhere. The scientific name of this species is ‘Monopterrus digressus’ and it belongs to swamp Eel family. Further information of this species was not available.”

The Eel is said to be 6 inch in length and its body resembled like a worm or snake. The whole vertebral column was visible while there eyes were found missing. Research on the population status, ecology, and threat to this species has to be established.

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