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English medium schools make education ludicrous: Azam

Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan has said that English medium schools make education “ludicrous” and that they have been “exploiting and looting” the parents of poor students by charging exorbitant fees.

“They have been exploiting and looting the poor guardians of students. Then they dump the money in gunny bags and take them home,” Khan said while inaugurating an educational body at Pather Khera.

“English medium schools make education just ludicrous,” he said.

The Urban Development minister said that there is a need to establish multiple educational centers by persons who do not have the intention of doing business with education.

“Since I have been promoting the sincerest and honest education the principal of an academy, run by one of the top most industrialist of India, prays for the death of Mulayam Singh Yadav and myself. They launch their schools on the lease land and contain extremely deplorable mentalities,” he said.

Khan said that a building has been allotted to launch a school soon that shall function on the pattern of Jauhar University where “imparting of education without minting money by burning holes in the pockets of the poor guardians would remain my modus operandi.”

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