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Eunuchs unhappy with Gays

Gay committee members register complaint against eunuchs for attacking them.

Gays-leadAfter an episode of Satyameva Jayate was aired on television of about LGBT community, many Gay community members approached this newspaper to raise their voice, stating about the lack of research by the Amir Khan’s team. There were many members of LGBT group volunteered to be a part of the show. That particular episode has opened the floodgates for debate and discussions on this pressing human rights issue. This particular episode has triggered debates to change at least a few closed hearts and minds. They claimed to have received 16 lakh missed calls so far calling for the repeal of Section 377 on toll free number (18008334003) to show the support. Meanwhile, everyone is discussing about the social acceptance for LGBT, one crucial factor is over looked and that is the outrages on Gays by Eunuchs.

Gays are the normal men with abnormal (or different) sex preferences. Today, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and hijra or eunuch communities are in conflict with each other which has fractured the struggle’s collective strength, and joined in solidarity to establish dialogue between struggle factions to unite. A gay is a person who gets sexual satisfaction from a male whereas an eunuch is neither a male or female and has no sex appeal. Eunuchs are normally males that have been castrated, (had their testicles removed so they can’t reproduce). Some are born naturally without testicles and some are made eunuchs.

‘Gay’ is another term for homosexual. The preferred term for most people, in fact. ‘Lesbian’ is a term for a gay woman, and is preferred by many gay women. Bisexuals are people who enjoy sexual and romantic relationships with people of either sex. Transgender people are people whose feeling of gender differs from the one that they were assigned at birth: they were assigned a male gender but see themselves as female, or vice versa. ‘Transgender’ also covers people whose gender identities are not so clear cut: they think of themselves as both gender and neither gender. Someone being transgender may or may not mean that they then take some kind of series of medical steps towards changing their body: taking hormones like estrogen or testosterone, having surgical operations to modify their genitalia and so on. A eunuch is a man who has been castrated, often forcibly against his will.

Ravi (also called chikni in his group) said, “In India especially in Mumbai being Gay is very difficult to survive, male bosses and superiors seek favours from them. Work place is stressful and at the same time outside world is not favourable, I was walking through Grant Road lane at night hours to buy something for me, group of eunuchs attacked me, and they bruised my face and hurt me on my private parts. Eunuchs are feeling insecure due to the presence of gays as they feel their business is getting affected, they are unable to earn the money earned by them before.”

Salman said, “Most of the gays look normally like men, they get good jobs, status and also not easily look different or awkward as comparative to eunuchs. This is biggest jealous factor. Many senior eunuchs want gays to become one like them, gays can be sissy or cross dressers but they love to remain with their masculine look and life style. Hijras have abnormal and de-shaped body, their body parts pop out like female, yet the bearded and mustache grows like men, their tonal quality is also like man, but they dress up like females. One can easily make out the eunuchs but Gays are at comfort, when it comes to normal lifestyle.”

Mandar said, “Same-sex married couples in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming qualify for Social Security benefits and other types of social insurance are typically reserved for married couples. But in India it’s still a taboo. We have lots of issues as far as social acceptance is concerned, very few families could digest the fact that their children fall under transgender community, some where the regular attacks on gay by eunuchs are orchestrated by society itself to get the Guy back to normal life but that never happens and Gay lands up getting humiliated.”

Pranam said, “Earlier men used to go to eunuchs for pleasure if they are inclined towards men or same sex, eunuchs are somewhat like female. Eunuch is a man who has been castrated or a child whose reproductive organ has not developed falls under the category eunuch after growing up. A gay is a male who establishes sexual relationship with the same sex (with a male) but eunuch does not have the required part of body to perform sexual activities or if one has, it is not suitable like having a very small penis or a small vagina. They often become victims to men. These days men prefer men instead of going to eunuchs, because they made sex a business and gay do it for fun. Perhaps these are the reasons why eunuchs attack gays and hurt them.”

Shwetabmer said, “We had filed several complaints at different police stations, you can check the details in different police stations, but our complaints are not taken seriously by police or authorities. Society assume us as burden and sinners, if anything wrong happens then its ignored because we are never treated as normal human beings.”

Munnavar said, “Everyday at least few gays are beaten and assaulted by a group of eunuchs, but cases go unreported to avoid social stigma as gays hide their gender from their own family and friends. Gays in metros have to undergo several challenges; they have lots of inner and outer issues to deal with. Moreover men opt for gay sex as it’s easy to be with another man rather than eunuchs. Nobody becomes suspicious when two guys are together but a man with eunuchs is considered to be offensive. Somewhere Hijras feel insecure under the presence of gay and possibly that’s the reason of fight between these two communities.”

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