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Farmer suicide was AAP drama which turned into tragedy: RSS

The RSS has alleged that farmer Gajendra Singh’s suicide was a “drama” enacted by AAP which turned out to be a “tragedy”, and advised the party to take right lessons from the incident.

Calling AAP’s recent farmer rally as one that touched the “lowest level” of politics, the RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’ has hit out at the party saying such “dirty” politics should be discarded.

Challenging AAP’s “party with a difference” tag, the piece argues that AAP has added to Indian politics an entertainment value that is unique and has gone to the extent of enacting a drama in the name of farmer’s suicide.

“The kind of entertainment value AAP has added to Indian politics is again unique. With 24X7 media glare, the anarchist formation used every space to catch attention. Some dramatics, either in the form of sloganeering or leadership gimmicks are always used in electoral politics.

“From ‘Garibi Hatao’ to ‘Acche Din’ are catchy words that touch the cords of common voters. But what AAP has done in the name of farmers’ rally is touching lowest level of politics. In another attempt of embarrassing the Centre, AAP tried to create a drama which turned out to be a tragedy,” the editorial said.

It further said that “for catching the public attention through media, instigating some supposed to be farmer to enact a suicide attempt and the person actually losing his life is dirty politics, which should be discarded outright.”

Written in the backdrop of farmer’s suicide that shook the country, the article further goes on to question the genesis of AAP and asks, “Is AAP really a party with a difference”.

“The script, drama and presentation of this loose political formation are proving to be sensational but foreign to be part of India’s democratic culture,” the editorial said.

The editorial goes on to argue against that difference, saying, the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party on India’s political scene, many believed, was a dramatic departure from the existing political culture.

It said after its brief political stint in Delhi in 2013 and then its political face contesting from Varanasi, many started arguing that AAP is turning out to be like any other political party.

“But AAP’s comeback in the national capital with thumping majority and the aftermath shows the other way round,”it said.

The article while seeking to defend BJP’s policies in the wake of severe opposition to the land ordinance and other farm related issues by the Opposition, equally holds the Congress for pursuing policies that harmed agrarian interests.

“The problem of Indian agriculture is systemic and cannot be linked merely to other land development policies. India’s agricultural land is overburdened and was never boosted through innovation and investment.

“The socialist pattern of philosophy of poverty started by the Congress and now dramatised by AAP can only derail the real development in agricultural sector. Through such attempt, AAP can only add entertainment value to politics but cannot make any substantial change,” the article said.

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