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Former top cop Ribeiro’s book ‘Bullet for Bullet’ released

Maharashtra Director General of Police (DGP) Pravin Dixit released former top cop Julio Ribeiro’s book ‘Bullet for Bullet’ here.

Addressing the gathering at the launch, Ribeiro, known for leading the Punjab Police during peak Sikh militancy period, said, he was re-releasing his book that was first published in 2000, because he wants to reach out to the youngsters in Police and motivate them with the new book.

“This is the second time that I am releasing my same book, which was first released in year 2000. My main motto to re-release the book is to motivate the young generation of police force,” the former Mumbai police commissioner said.

“Post retirement, I learnt that the whole attitude of the government officials has changed…Wherein they have started thinking that they are the masters and forgotten that they are actually working to serve people, as a servant. I want to change this attitude of theirs,” Ribeiro said.

Ribeiro said it is expected out of a Police officer to address people’s problem and help them getting justice, but these days, it is seen that police is not doing its work and on the contrary they themselves create lot of problems.

“I hope that my book, which completely describes about my life as a police officer and the good and bad experiences as a cop in my 36 years of service, motivate more and more police officers in the years to come,” he said.

On the occasion, recalling his days as Superintendent of Police (SP) in Raigad district, Dixit said, “With Ribeiro’s total support during Maharashtra Band those days, I was very much motivated.”

“With this book, the memories has once again brought us in very sharp focus to recollect the turbulent events that had taken place in 80’s and how the top cop had tackled it,” Dixit added.

Several retired IPS officers and serving IPS officers were also present on the occasion.

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