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Sex rackets in the name of Friendship club

Navi Mumbai resident Vikas loses Rs 3,500 after he transferred money to a friendship club which promised to offer him attractive returns and enjoyment.

Often we come across advertisements in newspapers and receive text messages about friendship clubs promising lucrative returns to customers. These clubs only take people for a ride by asking them to deposit money in a bank account and don’t offer any services. Vikas a Navi Mumbai resident became the latest victim of such type of fraud. He received a text message from Sandhya friendship club offering good job, earning and enjoyment. For obtaining further details he made a call to the club as a person named Rahul Yadav attended his call.

When Vikas spoke to Rahul to know more about the friendship club he said,” A person will have to get registered as a member of the club by depositing Rs 3500. After becoming a member a person will get an opportunity to earn money as well as enjoyment. The member will receive 80 per cent commission while club will retain the remaining 20 per cent.”

When Vikas inquired with Rahul about how he will earn money, the latter replied that the amount will be credited to his account. Rahul informed Vikas that he has good friend circle which includes both girls and boys. Rahul asked Vikas that girls will be reluctant to pay money and become a member. Rahul asked Vikas to first pay the money and get registered and if he is convinced then he can ask girls to join the club.

Later Vikas inquired with Yadav about the location of his office. Rahul said, “The office is located in Goregaon but customers can only access it after becoming a registered member. You transfer Rs 3500 money online or through bank.”

When Vikas asked Rahul to message him bank details he asked the former to send his profile mentioning his name, height and area. Vikas informed Rahul that he doesn’t have any time to make profile and asked him to note down the profile. Rahul nonetheless asked him to message him these details. Later Vikas asked Rahul to message him bank details and ensured him that money will be transferred to his bank account. He then transferred money to Rahul’s account.

After transferring the money, Vikas learnt that account was registered in the name of Rahul Yadav. When Vikas inquired with Rahul about account details he informed him that it is his personal account.

Vikas doubted about Rahul’s credentials and asked him whether he will fulfil his promise. Rahul replied, “I won’t cheat you as I have been running the business since last few years.”

Vikas nonetheless remained unconvinced and said that he only has got introduced to him recently and doesn’t know about his antecedents. Vikas added that he became aware about Rahul after transferring money to his account. Later Rahul cheated Vikas by saying that he won’t be able to fulfil his promise for a paltry sum of Rs 3500.

When AV investigated about this incident it learnt that the account was registered in the name of Rahul Yadav at Bank of India, Varanasi retail hub branch. The account number was 690710110001027 and the bank’s IFSC code was BKID0006907.

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