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Gandhis to unite in Congress?

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Rahul Gandhi and Varun Gandhi AV
Speculations are rife in political circles that BJP MP Varun Gandhi is likely to join Congress ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Senior Congress leader Haji Manzoor Ahmed said that Varun may be inducted into the Congress Working Committee as a member or an office-bearer. Of late, Varun has been unhappy with BJP as the party has been sidelining him. His comments pertaining to offering shelter for Rohingya Muslims received flak from BJP as Minister of State for Home Affairs Hansraj Ahir said that national interest should come first. On the other hand, BJP adopted a resolution in support of government’s stand on Rohingya issue. Varun had raised questions about government’s farm loan waiver scheme and said that it paves way for credit indiscipline. He added that writing off agricultural loan will have an adverse impact on rural economy. BJP leaders had proposed Varun’s name for Uttar Pradesh chief ministerial post but he was ignored in favour of Yogi Adityanath. Varun has already been skipping meetings and rallies held by BJP.

The Sultanpur MP also had expressed his views about dynasty politics. Varun called for induction of young blood from non-political backgrounds to strengthen Indian politics. If Varun joins Congress then it will lead to unification of the Nehru-Gandhi family after almost 35 years. Varun has a strong following in Pilibhit-Sultanpur-Lakhimpur Khiri and if he joins Congress then it will strengthen the party in these areas.

D.P. Tripathi AVWhen AV spoke to D.P. Tripathi, NCP Rajya Sabha MP he said, “Varun Gandhi is unhappy with the functioning of BJP since a long period of time. BJP has been sidelining him. If Varun quits BJP then it’s their loss and Congress’s gain.”

Hussain Dalwai AVHusain Dalwai, Congress Rajya Sabha MP said, “After BJP has come to power the party has been trying to create a controversy over Nehru vs Patel legacy. The party is following the ideology of Hitler and Varun opposes it. BJP is giving him a raw deal hence he is trying to quit the party.”

Dilip Kumar Gandhi AVDilip Kumar Gandhi, BJP MP said, “Varun Gandhi is a senior BJP leader. Nobody is bigger than the party and every person has to face ups and downs in life. Varun should have a word with party leaders and resolve all differences. He should not quit the party.”

Vinayak Raut AVVinayak Raut, Shiv Sena MP said, “Many BJP leaders are unhappy with the party’s functioning and internal rift is prevalent within the outfit. BJP should try to address this matter. Whether Varun will quit BJP to join Congress, that is the party’s internal matter and I don’t want to comment about it.”

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