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Girl students told to strip ‘to check for menstrual blood’, UP government orders probe

Seventy girls at a residential school in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar were on Thursday forced to strip by the warden, who also made them sit naked on the classroom floor.
The incident took place at Kasturba Gandhi Government Girls hostel in Khatauli area of Muzaffarnagar, when the hostel warden, Surekha Tomar paraded around 70 girls, aged between 8 and 12 years, naked because she was upset over a few blood stains left on the toilet seat.

She kept the students locked into a classroom for hours without their clothes. The warden reportedly threatened to beat the girls, when some of the younger girls started crying and tried to resist the move.

The outrageous incident came to light when the students of the school protested against the move and the news was picked up by the media, spurring the local administration into action. The Basic Education Inspector in the district immediately suspended the warden and formed a seven-member committee to probe the incident further.

One girl student said the warden ordered girls to remove their clothes after discovering blood stains in the bathroom.

“It was very humiliating for all of us. We want action against her,” the girl said.

Following the incident the warden was suspended, however, she denied any such incident. She said that after blood was found on the wall of the bathroom, she just wanted to check if everything was alright.

She rubbished the claims made by the students by saying that they were young and were unable to express themselves. She went on to say that the girls made the claims as she was strict with them.

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