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Goa Village Bans Kissing in Public

A Goan village has banned kissing in public, saying it causes irritation to residents.

Reena Fernandes, deputy sarpanch of Salvador do Mundo, a picturesque village located at a short distance from Panaji, said today that the decision was taken by the village panchayat based on the requests of locals.

“There were a lot of unwanted things happening there (Salvador do Mundo) and causing irritation to people,” Fernandes said, adding the decision was taken earlier this month.

The ban on kissing, drinking alcohol, playing loud music in public in the village came under the spotlight after photos of a banner printed and hoisted in public places in Salvador do Mundo went viral on social media.

The banner reads: “Commit no nuisance, visitors keep our village clean, drinking alcohol, smoking, loud music, kissing in public, nuisances in public are strictly prohibited here.”

Photos of the banner has triggered mixed reactions on Facebook.

“Why no kissing? Why is the state cracking down against an expression of love? You can piss in public but you can’t kiss in public? How logical is that?” asked Gerard D’Souza, a media professional.

However, Patricia Nazareth, from Salvador do Mundo, favoured the ban. “People sometimes do get a bit too carried away kissing in public,” she said.

A few weeks ago, several ministers of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led coalition government sought a ban on revealing clothing in Goa, especially bikinis on beaches, claiming such garments violated Indian culture.

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