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Golmaal Karnataka

Opinion polls have clearly stated the indecisive state of Karnataka elections and it has delivered a hung assembly. In a tight battle like this, Siddaramaiah-led Congress is leaving no stone unturned to retain power in Karnataka. Amidst which a question arises is that are the political parties just hungry for the power meanwhile, trying to pull down each other’s party for the same?

The split verdict in Karnataka brought a new set of drama unfolding as those who had bitterly fought against each other and exchanged invectives, decided to come together. At the outset, it clearly means that none of the three major players were able to secure a majority support across the state. No party was able to establish a pan-Karnataka presence.

Congress leader Bhai Jagtap commented, “Governor should intervene in this particular matter as according to the Supreme Court guideline if any particular group has a majority then the Governor should call them to form a government. And this has not happened due to BJP’s money and muscle power. The horse-trading is due to BJP leaders should be stopped and we should save the democracy.”

He further added, “But we can see Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya’s example as Congress had more number of seats and BJP despite having less number of seats, they formed the government and Governor did not invite Congress to form the government. According to me, it is in the hands of the Governor to stop horse-trading.”

The political atmosphere in Karnataka is getting intense with the Janata Dal (Secular) alleging BJP of trying to poach by offering money and lure of the cabinet post in the state government to its MLAs to abstain from voting during the floor test so that the BJP could prove a majority and form the next government. Hinting at it, JD(S) Congress’ Chief Ministerial candidate H.D. Kumaraswamy slammed the saffron party and accused it of horse-trading. Kumaraswamy said that BJP has offered Rs 100 crore to each MLA and a Cabinet berth. He also asked Income Tax officials to act.

H.P.Tiwari, a Senior Sub-editor at Dainik Dabang Duniya said, “This is not happening for the first time as there are many politicians who change their parties for their political benefits. There can be horse-trading furthermore. Talking about the statement given by Ghulab Nabi Azad it may be said to create an influential environment and pressure.”

As this is not the first time that BJP is held accountable for offering money ahead of elections. In a recent case, Congress president Rahul Gandhi had hit out at the BJP-led NDA government for offering money to churches in Christian-majority plus Congress-ruled Meghalaya ahead of Assembly polls in January 2018. The BJP was accused of using the money to steal the mandate in Manipur and Goa following the party’s bid to form governments in both the states despite being the runner-up.”

Karnataka BJP Spokesperson Suresh Kumar stated, “BJP had emerged as the single largest party in Karnataka as people do not have any hopes from Congress. BJP does not need to offer money and buy any MLA as they voluntarily come in support of the party.”

Senior Congress Leader Ghulam Nabi Azad had warned that Karnataka will witness violence if the Governor doesn’t invite Congress and JD(S) to form the government as both the parties have adequate numbers to form the government and the coalition would provide a stable government.

Now, when the worst of politics unfolds in Karnataka, voters are definitely not amused as they firmly believe that “dirty politics” is a blot on the face of democracy. The voters are hoping that the state gets a new government soon. Voters also want the new government to be honest and stable. However, looking at the beginning of the journey of a new government, it does not augur well for Karnataka.

The BJP claims that many disgruntled Congress and JD(S) MLAs are in talks with the saffron party while the Congress also claims that several BJP leaders want to join the alliance. Amid all these developments, murmurs of horse-trading, resort politics and ‘Operation Kamala’ (a term coined by the BJP back in 2008 to win over MLAs from the opposition parties) are growing louder and louder.

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