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Good rains add 68 TMC water in Maha dams one week

Incessant showers in the catchment areas have added 68 TMC water in over 3,200 dams across Maharashtra in just a week’s time.

As per the figures provided by the Maharashtra water resources department (WRD), 3,247 dams in the state had 1,048.76 TMC water as on August 21, which rose to 1,116.87 TMC by August 28, which is a rise of 68.11 TMC in a week.

Following a good start to the rainy season, the south-west monsoon had been playing truant in several parts of the state. However, the lull in the monsoon activity ended around August 15.

The biggest beneficiary of the last week’s showers is Marathwada region, which largely grows food grains. There are 955 reservoirs and dams in Marathwada. The collective water stock in these dams was 137.39 TMC on August 21, which rose to 154.62 TMC, which is an increase of 17.23 TMC.

A senior official from the water resources department said the state witnessed a dry spell for 30-40 days, which finally got over on August 15.

The average water stock on August 21 was 54.52 per cent of the total storage capacity of 1,709.21 TMC of all the dams in Maharashtra, the WRD said in its report.

On the same date last year, the total water storage was 61.97 per cent. The picture changed in the last seven days and the water stock as on today is 59.21 per cent, as against 62.88 per cent previous year, it added.

Meanwhile, the IMD today issued a forecast, which says that except Marathwada, there will be widespread rainfall tomorrow. The forecast is valid from 8.30 in the morning of the day to the next 24 hours.

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