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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Government gives damn to doctors

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Lead AV 2The AIIMS Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA) has come forward in support of doctors demanding higher salary and promotions and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to live doctor’s life for a day to understand about the hardships undergone by them. The Rajasthan doctors had gone on a strike from December 16 to press forward their demands for better pay. However, the BJP led state government has arrested 86 doctors and invoked the Rajasthan Essential Services Maintenance Act (RESMA) for three months. Even though the government had earlier assured doctors to look into their demands but they have failed to implement it. The All Rajasthan In-Service Doctors’ Association has threatened to intensify its stir if their demands remain unfulfilled. The BJP government has failed to improve the health infrastructure in the state as often patients are unable to afford expensive medical treatments. Patients residing rural areas have to travel to district headquarters to avail health care facility.

Congress MLA Giriraj Singh from Rajasthan, “People are facing huge difficulties due to poor healthcare delivery system. The Rajasthan Government has failed to fulfil the demands raised by doctors hence they have gone on strike. The government must resolve the grievance of doctors as people are undergoing severe hardships due to strike. The state health minister is not discharging his duties effectively.”

Sandeep Sharma, BJP MLA from Rajasthan said, “The doctors going on strike in Rajasthan is a serious matter. The state government must take steps to address grievances of striking doctors. The chief minister and medical minister are sensitive towards problems faced by doctors. Action was taken against doctors taking into consideration the plight of patients as they were inconvenienced due to the strike. Doctors have to serve patients.”

Dr Santosh Yadav said, “The government must take initiative to provide medical treatment to emergency patients. People are facing hardships due to strike in the state. If government fails to address this issue then they will have to invite the ire of people. The government must first inquire about why doctors have gone on strike. They must take this matter seriously and resolve grievances of doctors as patients have to bear the brunt of strike.”

Dr Tatyarao Lahane, Ex-dean JJ hospital said, “Society must realise that doctor’s work for the welfare of patients. They work hard to treat patients even at remote locations of the country. The ESMA act imposed on doctors in Rajasthan should be revoked and they must resume services.”

Dr Shilpa Ambekar M.D. (Obst and Gynaecologist) said, “AIIMS doctor’s federation has made the right statement by asking PM Modi to wear white apron for a day. BJP government is least bothered about the issues faced by doctors and have not revised their salaries. They don’t provide other allowances and amenities to doctors. Doctors are often made soft target by the government.”

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