Government to withdraw 1.46 lakh minor, old cases


maharashtra_government_190Maharashtra government has decided to withdraw around 1.46 lakh “minor” and old cases lodged against people in the state.

“The state government has decided to withdraw… (about) 1,46,680 stale and ineffective cases. These cases will be withdrawn using Sections 288 and 321 of CrPC, which allow such recourse,” a senior home department official said on Thursday.

According to another official in the department, the bulk of the cases involve charges evolving from participation in political or social agitations.

There are around 35-40 lakh minor cases pending in courts, the official said, adding that, “The punishment in these cases does not exceed three months.”

“These cases are not disposed of quickly and a lot of time is spent on them. After conducting a proper scrutiny, the government has decided to withdraw the (1.46 lakh) cases,” the official said.

Committees at the district and state level were formed to scrutinise the cases to be withdrawn, he added.

“The committees at the district and state level were made up of judges, district collectors and senior police officials,” he said.