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Hailed by Modi himself, this ‘crorepati’ farmer pulled 5,000 others out of poverty

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A farmer-turned-agricultural scientist in Daulatpur village of Barabanki has been able to pull over 5,000 farmers out of poverty by teaching them his own hi-tech methods of farming.
8th pass Ram Saran Verma started experimenting in 1990, and had Jagjivan Ram National Award to his credit by 2007. Narendra Modi himself applauded Saran’s efforts in contribution to the economy and serving other farmers.
Soon, farmers from across the country started approaching him to learn his techniques. He would visit their farms and guide them on which methods to use. 125 villages in his district became self-sustainable as farmers adopted Saran’s hi-tech methods of farming.
In no time, Saran became the hi-tech farming guru for locals and agri scientist-cum-consultant for farmers across the nation.
Today, he is carrying out farming on a 70-acre land and has a turnover of crores. He has also been successful in devising a way of producing good quality tomatoes, which are better than those available in the main hub Nashik.
The tomatoes he cultivates are being sold in Bihar, Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra and are also being exported to foreign countries.

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