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Have taught my children to stand up for themselves, says Nirbhaya’s father after convict blames victim

A day after one of the convicts, Mukesh Singh, made a shocking statement blaming the December 16 gang-rape victim for the fatal sexual assault, her father on Tuesday said that he has taught his children to stand up for themselves.

“What he said is wrong. We have always taught our children to stand up for themselves and never give up,” the victim’s father was quoted by ANI.

He added that there is lapse in our judicial system and people like Singh will continue to give such statements until stringent punishment is given to them.

Nirbhaya’s mother said that the statement made by Singh, who is convicted of a heinous crime, holds no significance to them.

“We make an appeal to our judicial system and government to award capital punishment to such culprits and give justice to parents like us,” she told ANI.

The shocking statement was made by Singh from jail to BBC documentary in which he blamed the 23-year-old paramedic student for the incident.

He said, “A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.”

The Telegraph further quoted him saying that if the victim and her male friend had not fought back then they would not have beaten them.

Describing the gruesome incident as an “accident”, he said, “When being raped, she shouldn`t fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they`d have dropped her off after `doing her`, and only hit the boy.”

The interview will be aired by BBC Four on its Storyville programme “India`s Daughter” on Sunday to coincide with the International Women`s Day.

The physiotherapy student was raped and assaulted with an iron rod after she was tricked into boarding an unregistered private bus to go home after watching a movie with a male friend.

Her male companion was badly beaten up and could not come to her rescue while the assault was being carried out in the bus. The two were later dumped naked and bleeding on the roadside.

The woman died 13 days after the attack from the injuries inflicted upon her after being airlifted to a Singapore hospital for treatment.

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