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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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High-tech security at Global Vipassana Pagoda

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Global Vipassana Pagoda is now secured with the ’20-20 Imaging Touch Control’ services. In the aftermath of serial bomb blasts in and around Mahabodhi Temple complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Bodh Gaya in Bihar in July 2013, the authorities of Global Vipassana Pagoda felt the need to prevent any such untoward incident in their shrine.

“Our team visited the shrine and studied the intricacies and nuances of the site and came out with an unobtrusive security cover,” says Mr. Pramoud Rao, Founder Managing Director, Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd. “Since the whole complex is 16 acres, we identified strategic locations which need to be regularly monitored and effectively managed,” he adds.

Zicom deployed 65 high-definition IP cameras to constantly monitor every place in and around the Pagoda connected to Zicom Command and Control Centre built locally in the Pagoda for Local monitoring and Management. The operators are alerted only in an abnormal situation.

Global Vipassana Foundation Trust appreciated Zicom in a statement: “Zicom’s solution to Global Vipassana Pagoda is incredible in terms of the ease of use and deployment of technology. We first thought it would be intimidating and difficult to manage such high-tech security solution. But, thanks to Zicom’s solution, monitoring our premise is become effortless.”

All interactions with data are simplified and Touch based increasing the ease with which the system can be navigated through. Powerful Region of Interest workflow allows for visualization of all the alert and video data of a particular region in one simple touch.

Since the Pagoda was built to serve as a monument of peace and harmony, the objective of a safe and secure atmosphere prevailing in and around the Pagoda has been achieved.

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