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My husband falsely implicated in rape case: Anjali Shukla

Anjali Shukla, wife of Harishankar Awadh Shukla, a teacher at Mahatma Gandhi Mission (MGM) School in Nerul has alleged that false rape allegations have been made against her husband. Anjali said that even though Harishankar’s first DNA test reported conducted at Kalina had turned negative he has been falsely implicated in the rape case. Harishankar was arrested on December 14, 2016 on charges of raping a 13-year-old minor girl from Mahatma Gandhi Mission School. Shukla had gone on a hunger strike in September for securing bail after his DNA test had turned negative. Later he called off his 44 days fast after getting an assurance of justice from judiciary.

Harishankar had already forwarded a letter to President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Director General (Prisons) mentioning that false rape case has been filed against him. Shukla who is currently lodged in Thane Central Jail has gone on strike from Friday. Anjali said that her husband has been made a scapegoat in this case. Ever since Harishankar Shukla has been arrested, their family has been undergoing severe hardships. Many times Anjali had waited outside the Thane jail expecting that jail authorities will allow her to meet her husband, but every time they denied permission to her. Anjali also had filed an RTI and questioned why the Investigation Officer has failed to probe who is the biological father of the child.

Anjali Shukla said, “The victim’s boyfriend and cousin’s name too are filed in the chargesheet but their DNA test and narco test has not been conducted. Even though two months have passed ever since my husband’s DNA sample has been collected but we have not received the second DNA report from Hyderabad. The victim was two months pregnant and she had always given misleading statements.”

“We have been suffering since last one year and my second son has been denied admission in school. Students are taunting my elder son. This incident has maligned the reputation of my family and we are disturbed. Why have the police failed to take action against the victim’s boyfriend and her cousin,” she added.

Ashok Rajput, Senior Police Inspector, Nerul Police Station said, “A chargesheet has been filed against Shukla under the POSCO act. Since he is an accused, his bail application was rejected by the court. An investigation is being held in this case hence, I can’t comment about this issue further.”

Advocate Dharma Suradkar said, “Accused has the right to approach before the honourable High Court for challenging lower court’s order by filing bail application.”

Advocate Vinod Gagwal said, “Harishankar Shukla’s DNA test report has come negative. As per section 227 and 228 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act, judge should give opportunity to the other side of the prosecution to present their case which they had failed to so which is unjustified. We are planning to file bail application.”

Anjali asked why the investigation officer has failed to probe into the victim’s cousin whose name was revealed by victim’s mother and victim during sonography. As per a September 10 DNA report, it clearly states that Shukla is excluded as the father of the victim’s baby.

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