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Hyderabad man caught cultivating ‘ganja’ at 3BHK flat, 40 weed pots seized

In a bizarre incident, a Special Task Force of the Hyderabad police on Sunday arrested a man for growing ganja (cannabis) at his residence in Hyderabad.

A 33-year-old banker turned drug peddler Syed Shahed Hussain his story is interesting he is an entrepreneur with different priorities. Syed has been arrested by Hyderabad police for growing Marijuana in his 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad. As per a cop’s statement, 9 kg of weed was seized along with 40 weed pots.

In an attempt to earn maximum profits by evading the police and the danger of procuring Ganja from outside, Syed Shahed Hussain came up with this unique idea of growing cannabis indoors.

On January 1, after specific information, Syed Shahed Hussain was arrested by police when he was selling ganja to customers.

On questioning he revealed that he has been procuring Ganja from his self grown mini field inside his flat.

When police officials raided his house, they were shocked to see that he was cultivating Ganja in a scientific way under controlled temperatures.

Husain used LED lights to substitute as sunlight and used an air-conditioner and a table fan to adjust the temperature inside the flat to make it suitable for growing the plant. Phosphorous, potassium, cocofibre pith, flora pellet, aquasol, aquadene and cay stones were also used by him during different phases of growing the plant.

Shahed has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has been staying at a rented flat at YK Residency in Friends Colony, Manikonda, for the past three months. He lives with his family in the flat. Acting on a specific tip-off, the Task Force team kept vigil at Jeeshan Cafe near Banjari Darwaza on Aljapur Road of Golconda on Sunday evening and caught 33-year-old weed peddler, Syed Shahed Hussain selling the drug.

From Past three months ago he thought of growing Marijuana in his 3 BHK Flat, so he contacted one of his friend by name Garith Christopher from the US, and as advised by him he gone through some videos and learnt the art of cultivating ganja in indoors. Then he locally purchased all the requirements and started cultivating Ganja in his house on trail basis.”

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