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IAF officer Sanjay Patil turns writer; pens the script for a Marathi film

A senior officer of the Indian Air Force (IAF) has penned script of a Marathi film that deals with travails of parents who make sacrifices to ensure their children have good upbringing and quality education, and support them in realising their dreams in life.

“The film, ‘Manatlya Unhat’, is inspired from the pains my parents took for my upbringing and education,” Wing Commander Sanjay Patil said.

The film, for which he has written the script, releases in two months and features three National Award winning actors, Kishor Kadam, Mitali Jagtap and Hansraj Jagtap, a child artist.

“Each one of us have certain dreams and we strive hard to turn our dreams into reality,” Patil said.

“For accomplishing our dreams, we get the support of our parents who work hard to ensure we get best of education which has become very costly now a days.

“Do the children who run around to fulfil their own dreams even pause and give a thought to the aspirations of their parents? Do they ponder if their parents have realised their dreams? The film deals with these issues,” he said.

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