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India asks its diplomats in Pakistan to withdraw kids from local schools

India has declared Pakistan a “No School-Going Mission” and asked staff members at the High Commission in Islamabad to either return or send their school-going children back home.

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Around 60 schoolchildren of Indian diplomatic staff will not resume their classes from next quarter in Pakistan.

“It is a normal practice for all countries to review staffing and related policies for their diplomatic missions, including in view of prevailing circumstances at those stations. With effect from this academic session, officials posted in the high commission of India in Islamabad have been advised to make arrangements for education of their wards outside Pakistan, till further notice,” external affairs ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said.

Indian officials can either send their kids back to India or return themselves, official sources said.

“What it means is that no Indian official based in Pakistan can have his or her children living with them. Those who seek a posting in Pakistan will have to keep that in mind too,” an official said.

Sources say the decision was taken in June 2015.

The story appeared in a Pakistani newspaper this morning, forcing the Indian government to react on it.

If this path of escalation were to continue, then this would mean Pakistan will reciprocate by recalling the children of its staff in the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. The logical next step would be to downgrade the number of staff working in each other’s mission, keeping only essential staff and a final step would be the recall of each other’s High Commissioners.

Both countries have through these various levels of escalation, both after the Parliament attack in 2001, as was pointed earlier in this article, and also during each one of the four wars both countries have fought since independence.

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