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India is our invaluable neighbour: Sri Lankan Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood

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As India commemorated 75 years of Independence, the Foundation for the Buddhist Brotherhood of Sri Lanka conveyed their greetings to the government of India and its people hailing India as an invaluable neighbour.

“India, our invaluable neighbour and the largest democracy in the world, is today celebrating her Independence Day which is a momentous annual event in the annals of independent India,” the official statement of the foundation read.

Highlighting the bilateral ties between the two nations, the Chairman of the Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood, Dr Damenda Porage stated that the people of Sri Lanka are delighted in sharing the spirit of the celebrations with India and conveying their greetings to the government of India and its people.

“We gratefully reminisce the very rare historical occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival to participate in the UN-declared international Vesak day celebrations in Colombo in May 2017; his immediate arrival in Sri Lanka to share our grievances after disastrous bomb blasts on Easter Sunday on the 21st of April 2019; and the ever-continuing magnanimous support and assistance towards strengthening the historical, cultural, spiritual, linguistic and traditional relations,” he added.

Sri Lankan’s indebtedness is inexpressible in mere words, he said, adding that for India’s prompt humanitarian and all medicinal related support and assistance during the long years of the coronavirus pandemic and the magnanimous and humanitarian support and assistance to feed and rescue the starving Sri Lankans in the recent months joined benevolently also by the state governments, the media release stated.

The Maha Sangha of Sri Lanka has strongly and openly reiterated on its commitment to safeguarding the regional interest of India and its neighbours in the Indian Ocean zone against threats from anti-democratic and hegemonic forces. “We remain committed towards the growth of India from strength to strength as a democratic country and strongly believe that our retention depends inalienable on India’s growth and we convey our heartiest greetings to the Indian leadership and the people of India on this very auspicious occasion,” the statement read.

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