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‘India robbed in the name of achche din’, says Rahul, Mamata terms demonetization as ‘mega scam’

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday stepped up his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and termed the demonetisation drive a ‘complete mess’ and away from Achche din, which was built up by the UPA government.

Addressing a joint press conference with Opposition leaders at the Constitutional Club in New Delhi, Rahul said that PM Modi should reply regarding that the problems faced by the people of India. What about the unemployment in the country?

“PM should answer the nation what was the real motive of demonetisation and what will he do for the poor people affected by it,” the Congress Vice-President said.

“Demonetisation has made no impact on black money. It is an attack on financial independence, poor people,” he said.

“A new market for the conversion of money has been set up. What resulted is an attack on financial institutions and poor people of the country,” Gandhi said.

Adding to the criticism, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said the move has taken the country back by 20 years. “The government is looting money of poor people and giving it to rich people in the form of loan,” Banerjee said.

She questioned PM Modi whether he would resign if things don’t go back to normal even after 50 days. “Even if after 50 days, things will not change. Will the prime minister resign?” she said.

“In push for cashless economy, Modi government has become baseless. It’s a total loss of face for them,” she said. Describing the situation prevailing in the country as a “super emergency”, Banerjee said it has not been officially declared. “It is not emergency, it’s super emergency. Just it has not been officially declared,” Banerjee said.

Soon after the Opposition’s press conference, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad launched a counter-offensive on Banerjee and Gandhi.

He said PM Modi has stressed time and again that the people of the country were supporting the note ban move, and asked whether this could be the reason behind the Opposition’s discomfort.

Prasad also targeted Gandhi, who has alleged that Modi took bribes from corporates as Guajarat CM, over the issue of corruption, raking up scams in the previous UPA regime.

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