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Indians like to consume online videos on every social media platform

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Since India has gone digital, and as everything is available on social media by the usage of free WiFi or cheapest data, people have gone crazy for not only forwarding but making content by gaining some publicity. YouTube is one of the mediums to make quick bucks if you can impress your kind of audience. Men and teens dominate YouTube. Some of these guys actually have a good sense of humor and they make relatable videos. There are a lot of gaming YouTubers those have become boring and irritating due to the gradual creep of over-acting, screaming, and exaggerating with all sorts of abuses. The “chill” walkthrough YouTubers who sounded like they were just playing the game on the couch the way our college roommate would with a beer are all but gone. Well according to the number of subscribers they have, the content they show in their videos and the number of people talks about them whether it’s Facebook or any other social media will make them overrated. YouTube is the least form of entertainment out there. This whole YouTube or Volga’s thing is outrageous and overrated. YouTube wasn’t conceived originally on this idea of vulgarity but merely a simple video-sharing website. This whole talent appreciating free platform is cringe-worthy not just in India but in other places as well. It is not coming out as it was supposed to, I don’t get it why these talentless youth are getting more applause and relevant every day for their shit tier repulsive no way entertaining videos. Some of the goons have made it a platform to abuse any random person in the name of patriotism and nationalism. They make videos on any topic that is related to India or their personal life. The most important part of their video is using 70% abused language. And these abuses and random attacks grabbing the attention of the young generation of India and they are following him on social media.

This is really a serious issue. Nowadays everyone started using the Internet, mobiles, and gadgets including youth, kids, young boys, and girls. This type of video can make a dangerous impact on the young generation. By seeing the popularity of these abusers, many have started doing the same. Maybe just for getting famous, there are a bunch of these rowdies that use all sorts of abuses as their benchmark. Wearing a lot of gold on the body, sporting tilak on forehead, they typically try to look custodians of Hindu religion but end of the day they land up tarnishing the dignity of any random person especially female.

There are some, they talk on anything such as stink in the armpit to perspiration in private parts, some even became famous by eating a big portion of food every day, people love to see them eating different food. The channel has no voice, no commentary or no interactive the session, just a person sitting on his/her dining table with all sorts of food and they eat inform of the camera and earn millions of subscriptions, followers, and likes. Some make utmost vulgar videos, with imaginary stories and topics. YouTube has platform for everyone, but most nasty people are watched on a larger scale.

These days YouTube lacks creativity and professionalism big time and there’s a reason for that, just look at the target audience. You guys shouldn’t be whining about them being overrated because I don’t see a single reason for them getting rated in the first place. YouTube sucks and its audience laps, it’s no secret. It’s surprising to see how these jerks are making little or no space for real creativity.

YouTube was built for with their senseless time-wasting brain cell killing cynical garbage for mere their selfish goal that is of course leaching off that quick bucks. Its high time that one should stop fueling this malignant garbage. There is a large portion of kids/preteens who only want the most intense, crazy play-acting style, and they quickly become a very loyal, vocal fan base. It’s easy to rack up millions of subscribers by over-acting. Even if those millions are actually the minority compared to the YouTube viewer base, that minority is massive enough for the channel to become “famous,” so they focus on serving those fans only while disregarding the perceptions of most people. The exaggerated faces, constant screaming, and that disgusting tongues noise and the overload of craziness just became obnoxious.

Decades ago, when YouTube was first launched in India, we probably didn’t expect to turn into a “video fist Internet country”. Well, to be fair, the applause isn’t completely undeserved. After all, the video behemoth has 225 million monthly active users and is growing at a rapid speed catering to marketers, advertisers, and audiences alike. India has become a video first Internet country. Presumably, in layman’s terms, it means that we like to consume our content in video format more than any other format. There were less than 50 million Internet users before 2008 when YouTube launched in India. By 2020 India has over 650 million Internet users and at the current growth rate over 500 million unique Indians will consume online videos in India. From trailers to movie clips to song launches, YouTube has become an indispensable part of the Indian film industry to individual preference. Even the Media and News industry are on a full swing here, in spite of having their own networks and channels.

With research showing that 7 out of 10 people relate to YouTubers more than traditional celebrities, there is no denying that the impact that the video platform has on our everyday lives is huge. YouTube’s journey has not only been deeply linked to the Internet growth story of India but also to video consumption habits of Indians.

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