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Indore music group sings for 23 hours continuously, sets world record

After Indoreans created a Guinness record for the longest backward walk in March this year, now another troupe of artists have made the city proud by entering the Golden Book of World Records for their longest non-stop singing performance.

The record breaking performance was staged by group of 60 artists at the historical Krishnapura Chhatri in Rajwada area in Bhopal.

As a relay performance got underway, the artists started singing at 7 am on June 21 and concluded at June 22 at 8 am without stopping even once.

Rajesh Mishra, Director of International Rhythm Group, said that the officials of Golden Book of World Records were present on the occasion and later handed a certificate for the feat.

He said that people along with their families visited the site till late evening and kept cheering the artists which prompted them to continue with their efforts with full enthusiasm.

According to the officers of the record book, the record breaking performance ended after 23 hours 10 minutes, almost two hours more than the previous record that was held by artists from Gianluca Foundation in Bocconi (Italy) for continued 21 hours 19 minutes of singing in July 2013.

“The performance lasted for around 24 hours 40 minutes but after deleting some portions, we offered provisional certificate for 23 hours 10 minutes of singing,” Dr Vishnoi from the Golden Book of World Records who handed provisional certificate to the team, said.

“After verifying the video footage, we will hand over the final certificate on Thursday,” he added.

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