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Indrani Mukerjea forged Sheena Bora’s signature on letter to landlord

There is no end to twists and turns in the high-profile Sheena Bora murder case and a letter was allegedly sent to her landlord in July 2012, three months after she was murdered. CNN-IBN has accessed the letter bearing Sheena’s forged signature which had sought cancelling her rent agreement.

The Central Bureau of Investigation in its chargesheet details how Indrani Mukherjea instructed her assistant to allegedly forge Sheena’s signature on the letter.

The e-mail reads, “On several occasions we received threat from Indrani, which we have taken seriously, and therefore I have protected myself and Sheena by documenting this situation, with dates, events, history, conversations and messages included. These have been given to several third parties for safekeeping. Should anything happen to either Sheena or me authorities in both India and UK will be made aware.”

Another e-mail accessed was sent from Sheena’s account to Vidhie nine months after she was murdered.

Investigators believe that the e-mail was sent by Indrani, impersonating Sheena to keep up the charade that she was alive and in the US.

Emails were also exchanged between Sheena and her mother Indrani just days before she was murdered in April 2012. In these e-mails, Sheena informed Indrani that she has applied to universities in the UK and could be in the country in August or September for her Masters if she is accepted.

In the chargesheet, the CBI said that Indrani’s response to Sheena’s emails just before the murder are positive and Indrani was attempting to gain Sheena’s confidence and lure her into meeting her as she did on April 24, 2012 (date of Sheena’s murder).

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