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Thursday, October 5, 2023
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Investigate everybody, be it Vadra or PM: Rahul Gandhi

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rahul gandhi 2“Investigate everybody, be it Mr Vadra or the Prime Minister,” Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday while advocating for equality before the law.

“Government has every right to investigate every person. Law should apply to everybody equally, not selectively. Prime Minister has his name in government documents that say he is directly responsible for negotiating parallelly with Dassault on Rafale. Investigate everybody, be it Mr Vadra or Prime Minister,” he said while interacting with students of Chennai’s Stella Maris College.

When asked what the Congress party would do to strengthen the economy if voted to power, the Gandhi scion was quick to respond that they would simplify the GST and try to cut the taxes as much as possible.

“The GST which has been introduced in the country is too complicated and has too many layers of tax. It makes the life of small shopkeepers and businessman tough. We are going to reform the GST and make it one simple tax and as lower tax as possible,” he said.

Rahul also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi helped economic offenders of the country such as Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi to flee the country.

Notably, while naming the economic offenders, Gandhi mistakenly called Nirav Modi Narendra Modi, but immediately apologised for the same.

In his concluding remark, the Congress president stated, “There is a lot that needs to change in India’s attitude towards women. I am of the attitude that women should be encouraged into positions of leadership.”

“Women should not be second to men in anything. Women should be at the same level as men in everything.”

“In 2019, the Congress party has decided that we are going to pass women reservation bill in Lok Sabha. We are also going to reserve 33 per cent in all government jobs at the national level,” said Rahul.

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