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Iran’s Isfahan “completely calm and secure,” says state media report hours after strikes

The Central city of Isfahan is "completely calm and secure", Al Jazeera reported citing the country's Mehr News Agency on Friday, hours after explosions were reported near the city's airport.

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Isfahan, iran

The Central city of Isfahan is “completely calm and secure”, Al Jazeera reported citing the country’s Mehr News Agency on Friday, hours after explosions were reported near the city’s airport. “People are going on with their normal lives,” according to the live television report, which showed the early morning traffic in the city.

However, the report also mentioned that “sounds were heard over the city” in Isfahan hours earlier, adding that “several miniature UAVs were shot down”, according to Al Jazeera. Meanw hile, Iran has now lifted flight restrictions across the country, paving the way for the resumption of regular flights in all its airports.

Iranian authorities had temporarily cancelled flights over Shiraz, Isfahan, and Tehran, following the strikes. The Revolutionary Guard-affiliated news service Tasnim earlier claimed that the nation’s civil aviation authority has declared the easing of flying restrictions in the majority of airports.

Entekhab News further stated that Mehrabad, Tehran’s primary domestic airport, is now operating regularly. Iran’s air defence systems were activated in several locations after multiple explosions were heard close to the airport and an army base in the Iranian city of Isfahan, state media reported early Friday morning.

The missile launches come after Iran launched an offensive on targets around Israel on Saturday last week, according to Israeli military authorities, in which the nation fired a barrage of over 300 unmanned drones and missiles. Meanwhile, as per Syrian media reports on Friday morning, the Syrian Army’s locations in the southern Syrian governorates of As-Suwayda and Daraa were also the target of attacks. The attacks targeted Syrian military radar sites between Qarda and Izraa in Daraa, southern Syria, according to the local news outlet As-Suwayda24.

Residents of Mosul and Erbil in Iraq reported hearing the sounds of fighter jets as well on Friday during early morning hours, the Jerusalem Post reported. According to officials, Israel and its allies, which include the US, intercepted all but a small number of them. Iran launched its attack over six months after terrorists from Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 and the Israeli military started bombarding the Gaza Strip.

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