Is moral policing by Bajrang Dal justified?

The Bajrang Dal group asked Garba and dandiya organisers in Hyderabad to conduct mandatory checks of Aadhaar cards of those participating in the festivities. In an open letter to the organisers, the group said that the entry of non-Hindu youths in the events should be checked. The group claimed that youth belonging to non-Hindu communities take part at the events where they misbehaved with female participants. Bajrang Dal believes that the innocent girls are trapped in such events leading to love jihad cases. They further demanded that the organizers should not employ “non-Hindu bouncers”. These are the set rules, above all the Bajrang Dal will depute its members in every event to keep watch and do moral policing. Bajrang Dal will be present at the venues and will take immediate action if any such case is reported. The group also cautioned that it would stop the alleged miscreants from entering the event, which could lead to “disruption of the whole event”.

If you see their social media posts you can understand what kind of violence they do. There are several videos on Facebook, Bajrang Dal people beating couples who are sitting in restaurants / parks / few public places etc., it’s disgusted a lot. If Bajrang Dal wants to avoid Valentine’s Day, Garba like events they have to do protests in peaceful manner. They have right to do protests, they have a right to share their views (Freedom of Speech) but it should be in a peaceful manner, not in the form of ferocity. According to Hinduism, there is no such a statement called that Men and Women cannot roam together. In our Epics, there are lot of love stories where couples romanced, played together before marriage. So, men and women can enjoy the freedom in this country until they make non-sense in public. They can’t stop people like this; it is about their personal choices.

Bajrang Dal came in to existence with motive; very few members are active and known. In October 1984, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) initiated the practice of regular processions to be held in Ayodhya in the state of Uttar Pradesh. These processions were called “Ram-Janaki Rathayatra” and were aimed at “awakening the society.” While the VHP did not officially claim any anti-religion drivers for this practice, many sections of the society in India viewed this as a pro-Hindu movement. As a result, there was an environment of communal tension and threat surrounding this procession. Under these circumstances, Hindu saints in the VHP called upon the youth to protect the procession. Thus, the Bajrang Dal came into existence. The organisation has since spread beyond Uttar Pradesh and now active in every part of India.

The Bajrang Dal is a religious militant organisation that forms the youth wing of the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP). It is a member of the RSS family of organisations. The ideology of the organisation is based on Hindutva and Nationalism. The group runs about 2,500 akhadas, similar to the shakhas (branches) of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The name “Bajrang” is a reference to the Hindu deity Hanuman.

The Bajrang Dal’s slogan is ‘Sevā Surakṣā Sanskṛti’ or “service, safety and culture.” One of the main goals of the Dal is to build the Ram janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya, the Krishnajanmabhoomi temple in Mathura and the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi, which are currently disputed places of worship. Other goals include protecting India’s “Hindu” identity from the perceived dangers of communism, Muslim demographic growth, and Christian conversion, as well as the prevention of cow slaughter. Among the goals of the Bajrang Dal in modern India is a reversing of the Islamic Invasions and British imperialism. They include demands to convert historical monuments currently disputed into temples. If you read the literature on Bajrang Dal, being Hindu, the group believes in validity of all Religions and Respect for all human beings, irrespective of caste, colour, and religion (Aatmasvat Sarva Bhuteshu). It is for this purpose that the Bajrang Dal has undertaken various public-awakening campaigns. It does not believe in violence or any unlawful activity. But irony is that, they deal every situation with violence. Especially those youth who wants to create terror in the name of being Bajrangi.

Bajrang Dal, together with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, has spoken out against Islamic Terrorism in India and has announced that they will carry out awareness campaigns across the nation. They have stated that Islamic terrorists are hiding among the general population in India and mean to expose them. Bajrang Dal shares the VHP’s position against cow slaughter and has supported proposals for banning it. The Gujarat Bajrang Dal is at the forefront of the anti-beauty contest agitation. Another of its objectives is preventing Hindu-Muslim marriages. The organisation claims to work towards eradicating social evils like dowry and untouchability, but they are mostly focusing on moral policing. To save our culture and our religious beliefs, one needs no moral custodian because we as Hindu we know what are our values.

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