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It’s a male-dominated society: Sonam Kapoor


Actress Sonam Kapoor, who is known for her outspoken views, says the society is “male-dominated”, but things are slowly changing.

“It’s a male-dominated society and a male-dominated world, but I think it’s changing slowly and steadily,” Sonam said.

“I have the luxury of choosing to do a film like Neerja, but a lot of people don’t,” she added.

The actress, who portrayed the role of air hostess Neerja Bhanot who sacrificed her life while saving passengers on board Pan Am Flight 73, in “Neerja”, said she is trying her “very best” to do her part in bringing a change in society.

“It’s about the quality of female role that you have. It’s about choosing a role that is inspirational for women,” she added.

Sonam also asserted that she is not outspoken, but just “honest” about her opinion.

“I don’t think I am outspoken. I am straight forward and honest and I believe as an Indian, it’s imperative to have an opinion especially in the atmosphere that we are living in. There is a general downward spiral that the world is going in. Anybody who has an opinion, it’s important to speak up,” the actress said.

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