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Journey turns terrible 30 dead

Journey-turns-terribleThe Maharashtra State Transport bus fell into a deep valley on the Mumbai-Nashik highway as the incident claimed the lives of 30 persons. The incident occurred when the bus was moving towards Ahmednagar from Thane. While overtaking a tempo the bus driver lost control as the vehicle fell into the valley near Malshej Ghat at around 10.30 am. The bus was crossing Arnala and was heading towards Aale fata, where the Malshej Ghat comes. The tempo driver has been arrested.

More than 40 passengers were seated inside the bus and it is said that more than 30 people are dead. Three passengers were seriously injured and the injured passengers have been moved to hospitals in Kalyan, Murbad and Tokawade. And the remaining injured passengers will be brought to Thane civil hospital for the treatment. The death toll is likely to go up.

Rescue operations are underway at the accident site, but the geographical location is hampering the work.

“The bus was headed towards Ahmednagar,” District Disaster Control Officer Jaideep Visave said.

Immediately after the accident, locals assembled at the spot and were trying to carry out the rescue operation in what ever way it was possible, the police further said adding that the officials of the district administration have rushed to the accident site to oversee the relief and rescue operations.

“The district headquarters got the message around 10.30 am and a team comprising police personnel, medical attendants and rescue workers was rushed to the spot. The number of casualties is not known immediately as the spot of the mishap lies deep into the valley,” Visave said.

An official from state transport (ST) on conditions of anonymity said, “We have asked the Thane fire brigade for help. There are already police officers who have come on the spot and are inspecting the bus. The bus has broken into two pieces. We are also investigating the issue”.

Malshej Ghat is a famous picnic spot located in the Sahyadri mountain range, situated on the border of Thane and Ahmednagar districts.

ST Bus registration number – MH12 GF 6646

Helpline numbers (0252) 4222 222, (0252) 4222 260

As per the information provided by the official, 20 women and 10 men were found dead.

A compensation of 5 lakh rupees was provided for the victims of the accident. The state government has announced a compensation of three lakh while MSRTC has announced a compensation of two lakh rupees. Fifty thousand rupees will be paid to the victims who have been injured in the accident.

The deceased’s name

1.Poonam Baban Aher
2.Kisan Nanabhau Chaudhary
3.Karbhari Shantaram Kurkute
4. Balu Tulshiram Aher
5.Tukaram Bhavri Dagri
6.Parshuram Shankar Sonavane
7.Vijay Kondiram Kulkarni
8.Popat Natha Date
9. Megha Nivriti Hande
10.Baban Tulshiram Aher
11.Sushila Balu Aher
12.Vimal Savleram Padkar
13.Anil Sitaram Kamble
14.Radha Shrikishna Palekar
15.Sarubhai Balu Aher
16)Khushbu Kasam Dalavi
17)Radhabai Tukaram Bhavari
18)Dhondiram Govind Panchane
19)Dwarkabai Sonavane
20) Prashant Vasant Ahir
21)Devram Bhikaji Godke(Conductor)
22)Kalyan Kisan Jadhav
23)Vashali Vasant Ahir
24)Sangeeta Suresh Sonavane
25)Sabhaji Sadashiv Jadhav
26)Khatija Dalvai

List off injured

Alefata Hospital Pune

1)Akash Baban Ahir
2) Mamta Shambahadur Morya
3)Gayatri Shrikrishna Palekar
4)Maya Jadhav
5)Radha Baban Ahir
6) Asif Usef Dalvai
7) Lilabai Vasant Ahir

Pune City Sainath Hospital Morshi, Daneshvar Hospital Bhosri

8) Kishor Deshmukh
9) Ajana Hande
10) Kasimira Usef Dalvai

Thane Abhinav Hospital

11)Popat Santu Devkar

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