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Do being a lady and breastfeeding allow one to flout traffic rules?

A lady sitting on back seat of the car with her child; her driver whosoever it was, parked the car at a no parking area and blocked the road. People complained to cops and requested the woman to get out of car. She refused to do so showing some paper to cop. The driver of the car took advantage of woman and child and started earning the sympathy. The lady who is supposed to be breast feeding and also sick was live on FB with entire event. There was some other person too who was making video of the entire event but did not plead woman to get out of the car. In a very short span, this video went viral on social media and cops got suspended. This cop was doing his duty, although in unresponsive and utterly unsafe manner but that do not mean only the cop was wrong, sometimes we, the people assume that the authorities are always wrong and we do not make effort to see their side too.

People have attitude that they can do anything and anywhere, that typical “I don’t care attitude” and when action is taken, they try to make noise and play victim. What is so far shown on social media and by some news channels is one sided story. If we watch the video carefully, does the woman really look ill? Let’s assume she is very sick, and then in such circumstances why was she breast feeding the infant? Her doctor must have definitely warned her not to do so as it may affect child’s health too. The way she reacts it seems the reality is different from what media is trying to portray. These days news channels have started behaving like uninspired mindless entities and resort to uncalled dramatics. If the lady has parked her car on a roadside then she cannot play victim card. Why is there any sympathy for a traffic violator? Is it because she is a woman? This carrying an infant, breastfeeding and all seems to be high level drama. Cops asked her to get down from the vehicle; the arrogant lady refused to obey. Rather she said ‘dare to move the car’ while she is inside. She was very nasty with the cops. If the person on duty is dared or challenged, he has to take prompt action to save the dignity of uniform. When the lady realised her drama boomeranged she went live on Facebook and other person accompanying her was shooting the entire video.

Why can’t we accept the fact that the cops did their duty? Those people who are speaking on humanity angle are ludicrous; rethink the other side. Where was the driver? He left the lady to feed child and he will get his work done after parking the car illegally. Is it not his responsibility to ensure that the vehicle with lady and child as passengers is parked in an authorised parking place? People park anywhere as they want; two wheelers climb the footpaths and also ride in the wrong lane, people resort to convenient behaviour and if some police take action, all these incidents happen. Tomorrow, a policeman will think twice before taking any action because you are making it difficult for them to do their job.

The woman, Jyoti Male, also claimed that two other vehicles, parked there, were not picked, but her car was chosen for towing. Think, how is it possible? Jyoti said that she pleaded the traffic policemen to stop and flashed her medical prescription from the window saying she was unwell but the cop appeared unconcerned and continued speaking on the mobile phone. Actually, the hawaldar was talking to his seniors about the action taken, we the media and people are believing just one side of the story. Because no one knows what has exactly happened before towing the car, no one knows why police was doing so. When I spoke to cops, I was not only shocked but appalled with such situations. I am not defending those guilty cops who are corrupt and atrocious, but I will stand by those cops who are vulnerable to people’s wrong act. So much selective outrage on social media that the cop did not get chance to put his side and is just thrown out of the job due to so much of pressure created by media and citizens. A video of the incident, which occurred in Malad West on Friday, has gone viral on social media on Saturday, and hit the headlines on Sunday. Taking note of the incident, Amitesh Kumar, Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) ordered an urgent investigation by the Deputy Commissioner of Police. The investigations are yet to reveal the truth but we became judge and punished the cops on duty.

The policemen believed to be named Shashank Rane, was not wearing his name badge, which is against the rules of the Maharashtra Police. But he revealed his name when asked. He did not hide his credentials. Can’t we appreciate that? I agree most of the police in the country are terrible but we have to also agree that we lack disciplined owners and drivers too; we do not care rules on the roads or with fellow drivers or the public at danger. We actually do not think that the roads are not belonging to our father, but think above that. If we are caught, we will use sentiments or try to bribe and escape from fine or other punishment. Our laws are hopeless and so the guarantors. However, her husband or the driver of the car deserves a stricter punishment. We would blame the cop very easily, but never want to introspect where we went wrong. In this case both are at fault and should be punished equally. What if the video was shot by the husband or a driver himself and used the wife to plead for sympathy. The video appears to have been shot at close range, moving vehicles, and sound very clear despite heavy road traffic, and breast feeding in between. The entire saga happened for more than hour, you can imagine the child will not do one hour breast feeding to ailing mother. Another point after the car’s front was lifted by the tow-van, she did not attempt to contact her driver. If she herself was driving the car then why there was no baby car seat? She was seen on the back seat that means the car definitely had a driver. Intentionally, the front of the car was not shown. We as matured citizens also have one more thing to consider. Why other cars were not towed, is not an argument, as one tow-van can tow only one car at a time, and giving priority is a matter of opinion only. Every wrong doer has / can also have a justification. Sympathy in one thing, but faking need for sympathy is another thing. Accept the fact; we have arrogant drivers who think that police are mere chai-pani seekers. The cops were here to break that myth.

The entire saga looks like the lady with the infant went inside the car and the husband started making video. It appears like gimmick by the car owner which looks expensive. I hate when people park anywhere and the driver waits inside blocking traffic. We should not support this. And as a citizen we do have some role to play by supporting good cops who are only doing their duties.

Here’s the video which surfaced on Sunday

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