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Lalu Yadav calls Narendra Modi ‘khoon ka saudagar’

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Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav launched a frontal attack on BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi by calling him “maut ka saudagar” (trader of death).

A known baiter of Modi and the BJP, Lalu, who is looking to regain lost political ground in Bihar, said, “Narendra Modi khoon ka saudagar hai. Kabhi kuch bolta hai kabhi kuch.” Lalu’s tirade comes at a time when the RJD has sought permission to hold a rally at Muzaffarpur parallel to Narendra Modi’s event on March 3.

The BJP has cried foul and accused the RJD of trying to a create controversy by announcing to hold a parallel rally on the same date and said that if it happened, Lalu Prasad would be “exposed as a dwarf” before its prime ministerial candidate.

“BJP has applied for the three grounds (two in Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology and the one at police line next to it) in advance and Muzaffarpur district administration at that time confirmed there is no other application of any programme at those venues on that day,” senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi said.

“Now Lalu Prasad’s party merely to create controversy is announcing to hold a parallel rally and its district president applying for permission to hold RJD rally at police line ground also on March 3,” the former deputy chief minister said.

“As per rules, permission should be given to who applied first…We are waiting whether Nitish Kumar administration goes by rules or acts in a partisan manner in favour of RJD,” Sushil Modi said on the sidelines of “Janata Darbar” held by him at his official residence.

The senior Bihar BJP leader said even if the district administration violating rules grants permission to RJD for a parallel rally “we are not bothered as it will expose that Prasad is a dwarf in front of Narendra Modi”.

“Lalu Prasad ko apna aukat malum ho jayenga (Lalu Prasad will come to know his value),” he said.

“Rather my suggestion will be even Nitish Kumar shall hold a simultaneous rally of the JD(U) in one of the three grounds on the same day which will prove who among the three is more popular and can draw big crowd,” Sunil Modi said.

On Lalu Prasad’s claim that it was he who had stopped the rath of BJP veteran L K Advani in 1990 to “limit” BJP in Bihar and likewise he would checkmate Narendra Modi this time, Sushil Modi said in a lighter vein “at that time Lalu was young but now he has grown old and has no strength to pose any challenge.”

“Lalu Prasad or Nitish Kumar has no strength to stop the aswamedh horse of Narendra Modi,” the Bihar BJP leader said.

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