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Lekar Hum DeewanaDil Review: Neither romantic nor funny from any angle

Lekar-Hum-DeewanaDil The basic concept of the film was firm and interesting.

The scattered execution goes a step forward in dispersing an already scrambled plotline. The acting of its stars didn’t seem praiseworthy either and the mediocre music is shockingly bad.

If you are bunking college and looking for a spot to simply chill, even then I wouldn’t recommend Lekar Hum DeewanaDil to you. It’s dismally bad. Director Arif Ali brings out a flavorsome concept and rips it apart. Adding superfluous scenes can only lengthen a film but doesn’t give it depth. Ali’s actors Armaan and Deeksha show no chemistry all through the film which is where this romantic comedy sags. The film is such sheer waste of time and qualifies pretty much as unwatchable!

Armaan Jain is pretty bad as an actor. Or lets just say he can’t act. I usually am not this harsh on debutants but Armaan Jain was expected to be better given his legacy and he fails it completely!

Deeksha is rather good. Not as a standalone but probably it is the relative factor that works here.

The rest of the cast put up a forgettable show and were easy to miss. And when you miss an actor like Kumud Mishra in a film, you must know that the actor is wasted on a plot that doesn’t do any justice to him.

Lekar Hum DeewanaDil is a bad film which is quite a blemish on romantic comedies. Neither romantic nor funny from any angle, Lekar Hum DeewanaDil is an awfully boring film. I am going with 1/5.

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