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Let Taj Mahotsav remain Taj centric

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The Yogi Adityanath government’s decision to organise dance based drama on Lord Rama on Taj Mahotsav 2018 instead of exhibiting Mughal heritage, history and culture, has evoked sharp criticism from opposition parties. According to them, the government is trying to saffronise Taj Mahotsav by changing the theme of the programme. They added that the government is adopting these tactics to conceal its failure towards providing better governance. The festival will commence on February 18 and will conclude on February 27 in Shilpgram. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Governor Ram Naik will be the chief guests during the opening day ceremony.

Earlier too BJP leaders have been issuing controversial statements pertaining to Taj Mahal as Senior BJP leader Vinay Katiyar had stated that Taj Mahal was Lord Shiva’s temple which was converted into a mausoleum by Shah Jahan. Katiyar added that Hindu kings had built Tejo Mahal and cravings prove that it was a Hindu monument. Katiyar said that Taj Mahal is a renowned monument and was grabbed by Shah Jahan. He is confident that Taj Mahal will soon become Tej Mandir and there is no major difference between Taj and Tej.

Mumbai NCP Chief Sachin Ahir said that the BJP government is trying to create a different kind of state pertaining to Hinduism or neo-Hinduism and they want to spread their ideology across India. He also said, “These issues are being deliberately raised through the government’s administrative people. Why such issues are raised only when a new leadership of BJP is in the state?”

“Steps must be taken to avert such incidents as it may hamper the nation’s progress. They are only trying to divert people’s attention from real issues like education, employment,” he added.

The Uttar Pradesh government had also omitted Taj Mahal from the booklet containing important historical sites to be visited in the state, a decision which had not gone down well with the opposition.

Mumbai Congress Chief Sanjay Nirupam said that Rama Mahotsav should be held in Ayodhya and other parts of the country; Lord Rama doesn’t have any connection with Taj Mahal. He said, “It would be an insult to Lord Rama if the Mahotsav is held at a tomb build by Shah Jahan. Let Taj Mahotsav be Taj Mahal centric. It is unfair to connect Taj Mahal, which is one of the wonders of the world, with any religion or politics. Since BJP government has failed to generate employment, contain inflation, curtail farmer suicides, hence, they are raking up such issues to divert people’s attention.”

Ever since the Modi government has come to power it has been trying to change history. They attempted to write history by mentioning that Maharana Pratap had won the battle of Haldighati against Akbar’s army. Moreover, the suffix “the Great” too was removed from Akbar’s name. Instead of trying to fulfil the promises made to masses, some leaders of the Modi government are busy issuing controversial statements and distorting history.

BJP MLA Yogesh Sagar said, “The UP government is organising the Taj Mahotsav and they will sort out any issues pertaining to the festival and I don’t want to make further comments about it.”

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