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Magicians to hold convention in Thane on December 15

Magicians from across the country will converge on December 15 for a day-long convention, where they will push for the status of an “art” for their skills and discuss welfare steps for those active in this profession.

The meet, “Jaddu Utsav”, will be held at the Kashinath Ghanekar Auditorium in adjoining Thane district under the banner of Association of Illusionists and Magicians (AIM).

Over 250 magicians across the country as well as some from overseas will take part in the convention, Atul Patil, president of AIM, said.

Patil said, “Jaddu (magic) is actually an art. However, governments across the country have been shying away from according it the status of an art. This is why magic, which used to be most popular in the past, is losing its popularity very fast.”

“We have collectively decided to protect and popularise this art. This is why we are holding the convention to chalk out a strategy not only to give a boost to this art, but also to work for welfare of illusionists and magicians across the globe,” he said.

An art status for magic will enable governments to promote this form of entertainment, said Patil, who is in the profession for the last 29 years.

Patil said shows from renowned magicians will form a part of the meet, where, he said, they will mesmerise the audience with their skills.

“We will have magic lectures and shows by renowned magicians,” Patil said.

A free medical check-up for participating magicians will also be organised.

Explaining the reasons behind the “art of magic” losing its popularity, Patil said, “One major factor is that our fraternity is not united.”

Besides, lack of innovative shows, below-average presentation, improper planning, lack of professional knowledge and poor monetary conditions of Indian magicians have also affected this profession, he said.

Patil suggested two quick steps to revive popularity of this form of entertainment which includes performing a set of magical tricks.

“Firstly, it should be accorded the status of an art and entertainment tax (on magic shows) should be reduced.

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