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Mamata Didi Humiliates Modi, the RSS Pracharak

A day after PM Modi launched a no-holds-barred attack on her, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee said his comments do not behove the office he holds and termed his BJP “Bhayanak Jali Party (Dangerously Fraud Party)” while daring him to arrest her. Modi being PM of this country should have refrained from campaigning for his party by attacking other leaders. The reason when he is attacked or dragged to humiliation by other political leaders, he becomes laughingstock by others. Banerjee is seasoned politicians and her people are her dedicated voters. She became involved with politics when she was just 15-years old. She almost has worked under all political parties and now ruling the state with her own party. Throughout her political life Banerjee has maintained an austere lifestyle, always dressing in simple traditional Bengali cotton sarees called ‘tant’, while wearing none of cosmetics or jewellery and always has a cotton bag slung on her shoulder. She has remained single throughout her life. She fights with head held high and never bows down before anyone. Her strong success of holding on to votes and BJP’s assumed defeat has disturbed Prime Minister. Modi is famous for making speeches and making big speeches is easy but working for people is difficult.

Regretting that PM Modi made personal attacks on her whenever he came to the state Banerjee said one needed to be more retrained in his public utterances. Modi has a bad habit of making personal attacks which are in extremely bad taste. In an apparent reference to PM Modi’s radio show “Mann ki Baat”, Ms Banerjee said: “On the radio, one hears only (PM) Modi’s Mann ki baat, as if he is God.”

Countering PM Modi’s remarks that Trinamool Congress (TMC) stands for “Terror”, “Maut” (death) and “Corruption”, Banerjee called the BJP “Bhayanak Jaali Party”. Mamata Banerjee took to the streets of Kolkata to attack the BJP, calling its leaders ‘daanga gurus’ (riot leaders) and threatening to storm Delhi with her supporters. The march comes two days after she sparked a war of words by claiming the BJP-led Centre had “stage-managed” the blast in Burdwan on October 2, in which two people were killed, and arrested Trinamool Member of Parliament Srinjoy Bose in connection with the Saradha scam because she attended an event to mark the 125th birth anniversary celebrations of Jawaharlal Nehru in Delhi. The Trinamool Congress had claimed the Burdwan blast was planned by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The rally comprising thousands of Trinamool supporters, all backing their Didi in her attack on the BJP, choked central Kolkata.

The recently released IndiaTV’s ‘CVoter’ opinion polls for West Bengal elections has indicated that the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC) will retain power in the state although the Left Front is likely to make a significant gain in vote share. The alliance with the Left is unlikely to help the Congress as the party is expected to bag 21 seats, which is much less than the 106 seats predicted from the CPI (M). The TMC is projected to get 160 seats while the BJP is unlikely to win in more than four seats. Last week has seen several developments in West Bengal as the political parties gear up for the assembly elections in April-May. Amidst the wide-ranging discussions over BJP’s move to field grandnephew of Subhas Chandra Bose against West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, the Intelligence Bureau submitted a survey report to the Union Home Ministry predicting victory for Mamata Banerjee-led TMC.

According to the IB report, the party will also improve its previous tally of 184 seats in 2011. Suggesting not much hope for the BJP, the report indicated that the party may not win more than five seats.

The report, which was created based on the ground reality, claimed that the Congress would end up being the third largest party in the state with 20-25 seats. Left Front, once again, is likely to emerge as the second largest party with 60-70 seats. While the ruling party will have a thumping victory in South Bengal, the opposition will gain some ground in North Bengal. Let’s see who retains to power and who makes success in opening their account in state, but right now PM vs. Mamata war is going bitter and worst, which is not in good taste.


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