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Man clicking sunset captures ‘UFO’ in cellphone

A UFO was apparently spotted flying over Lucknow on July 21. Even though the astronomers are saying that it could be a UFO, there is no official confirmation as to what it was.

A witness, Amit Tripathi, at Lucknow reported watching a white colored, self-revolving cone UFO that hovered under the cloud cover less than one mile away. Earlier too reports had come in of UFOs being spotted on July 11 in Guwahati, on July 12 from Shamli and on July 14 in Tundla.

While the suspected UFO has been into the limelight again, after a while now, astronauts are suspicious of whether other there is life on other planets.

Tripathi said that the object went straight up and within 40 seconds it disappeared. Within moments, it began spinning and rising. He quickly clicked some photographs of the object with his phone.

While sitting in his balcony in his residence in Rajajipuram’s E-block, Sector 11, and trying to capture sunset on his cellphone, he happened to spot a mysterious shiny object in the sky and clicked the photograph shown above.

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