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Man donates finger at Tirupati after bail to Sonia and Rahul in National Herald case

India is a political country and we all Indian love politics. The statement might sound a little weird, but yes that’s a fact. There are some who even worship their loved politicians and go to any extent for their well being. We are talking about an incident where a 35-year-old businessman from Bangaluru donated his little finger at Tirupati as a thanksgiving to the almighty after Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi were granted bail in the National Herald Case on December 19, 2015.

Man donates fingerInduvalu Suresh, a granite businessman from Ramanagara is now being hailed as Congress Ekalavya after he cut his left hand’s little finger as an offering to the Tirupati.

On December 25, Suresh went to Tirupati, chopped off his little finger and dropped it in the hundi as a token of gratitude.

Speaking to a reporter, Suresh said, “The entire Congress party was worried, when Sonia and Rahul were summoned by the court. I took a vow that if my leaders are granted bail I will offer my finger to God.”

When asked why nobody noticed it, he said that he went to the temple without informing anyone and after he cut his finger, he wrapped it with a Rs. 1,000 note.

Soon after the incident came to the limelight, Suresh was called by state housing minister M H Ambareesh at his residence in J P Nagar in Bengaluru on Saturday. The minister said to him, “You are Kalyug’s Ekalavya. But we don’t want sychophancy of pain.”

Suresh said when he met Ambareesh, he was asked: “Why did you do this? You could have taken a padayatra or shown your concern in some other way.”

“I told Anna that all those are passé. I was perturbed that Sonia and Rahul would be sent to jail,” said Suresh.

Well this not the first case that where people have shown their respect for their leaders. Remember, when Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s bail was rejected by High Court of Karnataka, supporters were seen donating their hair in Tirupati. We know this is bizarre, but this also happens in India.

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