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Martyr PM’s son who walked for national unity can never insult country: Congress’s Priyanka

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On Sunday, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said a martyred prime minister’s son who walked thousands of kilometres for national unity can never insult the country, as the Congress held a nationwide protest against the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha.

Priyanka Gandhi was addressing the ‘Sankalp Satyagraha’ at Rajghat — the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi — here to protest against Rahul Gandhi’s conviction in a 2019 defamation case and his subsequent disqualification from the Lok Sabha. She said the time had come to raise a voice against an ”arrogant government” as barring Rahul Gandhi from contesting elections does not bode well for the country and its democracy.

The Congress has launched a day-long satyagraha at all states and district headquarters to protest against Gandhi’s conviction in a 2019 defamation case and his subsequent disqualification from the Lok Sabha.

Gandhi was disqualified from the Lok Sabha on Friday, a day after a court in Gujarat’s Surat convicted him in the defamation case. The disqualification will prevent Gandhi (52), a four-time MP, from contesting elections for eight years unless a higher court upholds the conviction. The Congress leader alleged that Rahul Gandhi was disqualified for questioning the prime minister about industrialist Gautam Adani, and people will give a befitting reply to those behind the action.

”My family’s blood has ploughed democracy in this country. We are ready to do anything for this country’s democracy. Great leaders of the Congress laid the foundation of democracy in this country. ”Time has come and we are not the ones who will remain silent anymore,” she told the crowd outside Rajghat.

Asking if a martyred prime minister’s son can insult the country, Priyanka Gandhi said, “This is an insult to that prime minister who gave his life.”  You have called a martyr’s son anti-national, Mir Jafar, and insulted his mother in Parliament. The prime minister in Parliament asks why this family does not use the “Nehru” surname. You insult the entire family and the tradition of Kashmiri Pandits.  But there is no case against you. You don’t get a case or a two-year term, and no one disqualifies you. “Why?” she asked.

Priyanka Gandhi said that till today, they have been insulting “our family, and we remained silent but not any more”.

”How much will you insult one person?” she said, and she asked if Lord Ram, who was sent into “exile, was a ”parivaarwadi”.

The leader of the Congress, who alleged that the country’s wealth was being looted and given to one person, said this wealth belongs to the people and no one can take it away.

“When arrogant dictators are unable to answer the questions raised, they try to suppress those who ask the questions.”

”This entire cabinet, government, and MPs are trying to save one person and are not holding an inquiry. Who is this Adani, in whose support everyone comes the moment his name crops up?” she asked.

Questioning if this was the ”mother of democracies, she asked why people are still unemployed if the economy is doing so well.

Noting that lakhs of people joined Rahul Gandhi on his Bharat Jodo Yatra when he walked from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Priyanka Gandhi said, “Can a person who walks from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to unite the country insult the country?” Coming out in support of her brother, she asserted that Rahul Gandhi wants the poor, youth, and women to get their rights, and what belongs to them should go into their hands and not to someone who is a big man and the prime minister’s “friend.”

She said Rahul Gandhi studied at Harvard and Cambridge — the best universities in the world — but still they call him “Pappu.”

“When they came to know that he is not Pappu and lakhs of people are walking with him, they got disturbed over the questions he raised in Parliament to which they don’t have answers.” They have to do all this to stop just one person.

“This country’s prime minister is a coward.” Take me to jail, but the truth is that this country’s prime minister is a coward. He is hiding behind his power, and (he) is arrogant. But this country’s tradition is that people reply to an arrogant king. This country recognizes an arrogant king. “This country knows the truth,” she said.

Priyanka Gandhi also urged the media to understand their responsibility because “democracy is in danger.”

”If the one who asks the question is barred from contesting elections for eight years, it is not right for the country or its democracy. The time has come to “daromat” (don’t be afraid)’. ”Time has come to face them, unite, ensure the unity of the country, and take it forward,” she asserted amid cheers from the Congress rank and file.

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