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Martyrdom of Indian Army soldiers goes in vain

What can be more sad news than this? BJP came to power boasting the befitting reply to Pakistan, but sustained three years just getting our army personnel killed and mutilated. Modi has failed to address issues. Yesterday an officer of the Indian Army and three soldiers were killed and their bodies mutilated by Pakistan’s Border Action Team or BAT in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district. Pakistan troops infiltrated almost 400 metres across the Line of Control to target Indian Army soldiers. Major Ambadas, 32, belonged to the Bhandara district of Maharashtra and is survived by his wife Avoli Moharkar. Lance Naik Gurmail Singh, 34, came from Amritsar in Punjab and is survived by his wife Kuljit Kaur and a daughter. Lance Naik Kuldeep Singh, 30, belonged to Bhatinda in Punjab and is survived by his wife Jaspreet Kaur and two children. Sepoy Pargat Singh, 30, belonged to Karnal in Haryana and is survived by his wife Ramanpreet Kaur and a son.

Though there have been stray incidents in the adjoining Nowshera sector of small arms fire from the Pakistan side on forward Indian positions for the last two-three days, unprovoked firing at such a scale, leading to casualties on the Indian side has come after a month. On November 16, the Pakistani troops had resorted to mortar shelling in Shahpur and Degwar areas of Poonch, making the district administration order closure of schools in Gulpur and Nakarkot areas near the border as a precautionary measure. At least a dozen people, including civilians and soldiers, have been killed in nearly 300 incidents of ceasefire violations along the border in 2017 — a sharp rise from 228 such incidents last year. The escalation along the border had led to suspension of cross-LoC travel and trade on the Poonch-Rawalakot road through Chakan Da Bagh for nearly four months, besides migration of a large number of people from villages near LoC in Nowshera sector. Though travel and trade between two sides resumed last week, those who migrated are yet to return. The ceasefire violation to a “growing desperation” on the Pakistan side to “push in armed terrorists” into India before closure of the mountain passes this winter. The security forces and the police have killed over 200 militants, including many top commanders, this year.

A military confrontation between India and Pakistan is not new thing, but the deaths of Army men in recent past are on rise. In April, two soldiers were murdered and mutilated near the Line of Control. It was suspected to be an attack by the Border Action Team. Weeks later, the Army released a video of a massive fire assault on Pakistani posts on May 23. India had thwarted the last such effort in September this year when a large team of BAT soldiers were forced to retreat. In June, India had managed to kill two of the intruders when a similar attack by a much-smaller team was carried out but two Indian soldiers had also lost their lives. PM was on his maiden visit to Leh and Ladakh, as usual he gave all promising speeches and packages to people of Jammu and Kashmir. He verbally slammed Pakistan for continuing its proxy war of terrorism against India, saying it has lost the strength to fight a conventional war. On his second trip in two months to Jammu and Kashmir, Modi visited Kargil, where a massive crowd had turned up to hear him speak. But they never imagined he can only speak but cannot act on what he said so far. He is the first Indian PM in 15 years to visit Kargil. Addressing soldiers at his first stop, Leh, Modi said Pakistan “has lost the strength to fight a conventional war, but continues to engage in the proxy war of terrorism. Then Modi said, there is no point in pursuing peacekeeping with Pakistan. They will always be the provokers. Unfortunately, NDA too seems enamoured by the goody-goody posturing of Nawaz Sharif. All that rhetoric that Modi made in his pre-election speeches is like words written on water. He has proved to be a cat in lion’s clothing. Most weak prime minister to deal with Pakistan, on the day of swearing in ceremony, the gift and emotional exchanges has compromised his stand on Pakistan issue. PM is focusing a lot on borders as he has nothing else to offer to India. He is in the saddle by luck after some well-rehearsed performances. India needs some mature leadership, not someone who offers short cuts. We need to create an equivalent of Iron Dome for hand held firing to be relieved from the pestilence of the Pakistani militia.

Modi held that the Indian armed forces were suffering more casualties from terrorism than from war. Noting that this is a global problem, the humanitarian forces of the world should unite to fight it. India was committed to strong armed forces, well-equipped with modern arms and technology. The jawans should be assured that the entire country supports them. Our government was never serious in reform of soldiers’ families and the wellbeing of jawans when they are at borders. Our soldiers remain undeterred in spite of the many negatives and struggles that their families face in day-to-day life and this energy and sense of duty inspires him. Modi promised the troops that a National War Memorial would be built that would inspire future generations of India. But he failed to explain, how that war memorial will help Jawan’s and their families?

Modi had promised the defence personnel that the government is committed to making India self-reliant in defence manufacturing, but when? And for that whom are you planning to invite to India as production giants? The agreement between Pakistan and India for LOC is far from acceptance for the present generation. If Pakistan violates it pertinently then let us violate and decide at the strength of our muscle instead of involving in this proxy war. The statement of PM that we are fighting a war with terrorists not with regular army is much more treacherous than fighting regular army is correct. The fight against corruption and terrorism should be on war footing. We the common people can just pray for wellbeing of them wherever they are standing and protecting us in such extreme condition.

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Dr Vaidehi Taman
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