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Massive Fire at Parliament Complex Brought Under Control

A massive fire that broke out within the premises of the Parliament on Sunday has been contained, but is yet to be doused, fire officials said.

Smoke could be seen billowing above the red sandstone boundary wall of the Parliament complex as police tried to clear the streets around the building.

The fire began in an AC power plant, which is on the periphery of the Parliament complex; the main Parliament House building itself has not been affected.

Sources say maintenance checks of the AC plant for summer were going on by technicians of the Central Public Works Department or CPWD. The fire is suspected to have been caused by short circuiting during the maintenance checks.

At least 10 fire engines and 30 fire services personnel are at the spot and have contained the fire from spreading. Efforts are now being made to put out the blaze.

“The fire broke out around 2:21 pm. It was reported at around 2:38 pm. 10 fire engines responded. It is under control,” said AK Sharma, Director, Delhi Fire Service.

Officials said they are trying to ensure that all personnel have been cleared of the zone and there is no loss of life.

“Don’t know how many people are present at the premises,” Mr Sharma said.

On March 19, a minor fire had broken out in the AC wiring at Gate 5 of the Parliament complex.

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